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Attention Customers - Since July 2019, we have directed all customers to post their testimonials, reviews and experiences to Google. So please go to google.com to see all testimonials and reviews.  You will see that we rank #1 in Star Rating (4.8 out of 5) and offer over 150 quality reviews for you to see what you can expect in doing business with us.  We strongly value more than anything to have a quality customer experience, and you will see this as you browse through our reviews on Google!! 

the family was super nice and they made sure we were informed about everything about the car.

Elizabeth A

Honest, upfront and helpful! Why go anywhere else!
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[jesse harmes]
jesse harmes
Local Guide · 8 reviews · 3 photos
4 months ago-
Great car sales man, reliable vehicles
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[kelly hill]
kelly hill
34 reviews · 2 photos
4 months ago-
Excellent experience.  Was able to purchase a quality used vehicle for a very fair price.  Mark Carlson  (owner) made this the best experience of buying a used vehicle I've ever experience
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[Daniel Johnson]
Daniel Johnson
1 review
4 months ago-
Hands down best experience I've ever had buying a used vehicle! Very friendly people. I wasnt able to arrive until an hour past closed and they had no problem staying open for me which was greatly appreciated. Once we got there the owner …MoreHands down best experience I've ever had buying a used vehicle! Very friendly people. I wasnt able to arrive until an hour past closed and they had no problem staying open for me which was greatly appreciated. Once we got there the owner explained to us how he runs a "no BS business" which is 100% true. I could easily they're the kind of people that will not hide anything from you about the vehicle like a lot of small dealerships will do....knowing from experience. This gave me a ton of reinsurance buying from here. I got shown the carfax instantly without even asking. He went over his drive home guarantee which is great to have while buying a used vehicle. Left with a very clean and extremely smooth 05 gmc Sierra with no worries whatsoever. I'm sure whoever buys from highway 9 auto will leave will a smile on their face feeling like a valued customer. 10/10 would recommend!
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64 reviews · 11 photos
5 months ago-
Mark always has such great deals on vehicles! And we've never had a bad experience!
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[Darien Keith]
Darien Keith
5 months ago-
[Jay Ham]
Jay Ham
1 review
5 months ago-
I bought a 2002 Toyota Sequoia from Mark  on payments i might add  I myself and  family are pleased with  the vehicle it has been very well maintained  as I plan  on maintaining it also  this was my second purchase from highway 9 and won't …MoreI bought a 2002 Toyota Sequoia from Mark  on payments i might add  I myself and  family are pleased with  the vehicle it has been very well maintained  as I plan  on maintaining it also  this was my second purchase from highway 9 and won't be  the last  as I plan  on a third  vehicle purchase  Mark  and Charlie made me feel at home  this is very rare in  the car world they treat you like family experience I won't forget  thank you highway 9 your the best  Jason  H
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[Nancy Diaz Rohner Molina]
Nancy Diaz Rohner Molina
5 reviews · 1 photo
5 months ago-
Very honest and friendly
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[Sassy Neena]
Sassy Neena
1 review
7 months ago-
Mark and Maddie were so pleasant to work with and I really felt like a valued customer! After totaling my previous vehicle, they helped me get back on my feet and got me into a really great car for a really great price. I thoroughly recommend this place to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient vehicle!
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[William White]
William White
13 reviews · 5 photos
8 months ago-
Good dealership, but know what your doing.  Highway 9 sells cars cheaply primarily because they're selling trade-in vehicles for Sioux City dealerships.  That was the case with the car I bought.  I got a good deal.  2006 Ford Focus for …MoreGood dealership, but know what your doing.  Highway 9 sells cars cheaply primarily because they're selling trade-in vehicles for Sioux City dealerships.  That was the case with the car I bought.  I got a good deal.  2006 Ford Focus for $2000 all cash.  He realistically could have held out and probably sold it for $2500-3000.  The car was in decent shape and drove ok.  It did have the airbag light on and the ABS light on.  I knew that buying it.  I drove it home fine, no problems.  Once I got it home, there were a few problems, none of them really major.  But the main check-engine light came on about a day after I got it home.  Not a huge deal, but it is annoying.  Also, I knew it probably needed an alignment because the tires were unevenly worn.  Took it in for an alignment.  Turns out the front ball-joints all needed to be replaced.  They were so worn out, they needed to be replaced to even do an alignment.  Pretty pricey job.  Another pretty big thing that I noticed after getting it home was that the dash knob that changes where the air/heat blows out of doesn't work at all.  The air blows out of the top vents.  It cannot be changed to blow at your feet or up to defrost the windshield.  VERY annoying in the winter.
So after all that I go with a 3-star review.  Nothing super shady or dishonest.  But I do feel like Highway 9 probably knew about the vent not working and didn't tell me, hoping I just wouldn't notice, which is what happened.  I feel like they probably knew the front end needed some work, but didn't mention it.  That being said, I got the car cheap enough that after all the work it winded up needing is done, I probably wound up paying about what the car is worth.  I would probably not go to Highway 9 again, but I wouldn't say "stay away."  I would just say, "be careful."  Thank you!
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Response from the owner8 months ago
Thank you William for taking the time to write a review. I’m sorry that we didn’t earn a 5 star review for your benefit. I appreciate the review but I will say your are extremely mistaken to even mention us “hoping” you wouldn’t see that …MoreThank you William for taking the time to write a review. I’m sorry that we didn’t earn a 5 star review for your benefit. I appreciate the review but I will say your are extremely mistaken to even mention us “hoping” you wouldn’t see that the air location knob wasn’t working. That’s exactly opposite of how we do business and how we did business with you. Of course during the test drive period these smaller and I agree annoying issues are caught. In this case it got past both of us. As far as the ball joints and alignment, it is extremely common on this price range car and again something we don’t ever hide. However with our drive home guarantee with no major or engine issues it seems like we did our job here but it just wasn’t good enough and I am sorry it wasn’t a 5 star experience. We will certainly make sure that every experience has full disclosure even for annoying issues. Thanks for your time to write the review.
[nalissa cooperrider]
nalissa cooperrider
2 reviews
9 months ago-
I drive about 2 hours every time and Every visit has been an enjoyable one. Very honest goof cars. Real man of his word.
Thanks for your feedback!
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Response from the owner9 months ago
Thanks Nalissa!! We really appreciate you coming from Omaha over and over and telling your friends also. You and your daughter are the best!!
[Chris Kingsbury]
Chris Kingsbury
9 months ago-
[Sherri Huggins]
Sherri Huggins
Local Guide · 40 reviews · 3 photos
11 months ago-
My husband has bought many cars from Hwy 9 auto...they always give him a Great price and you can trust them with giving you a great car
Thanks for your feedback!
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[Stephanie J. Graves]
Stephanie J. Graves
2 reviews · 2 photos
a year ago-
[JamesSmalleys Lifes Advertures]
JamesSmalleys Lifes Advertures
Local Guide · 33 reviews · 66 photos
a year ago-
Great Dealership, Great Pricing, Very Honest, Family owned & operated. Hope to do business again! A+
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[Brad Kukuk]
Brad Kukuk
6 reviews
a year ago-
It's always a pleasure to visit with Mark. Even if we aren't in the market for a car, he still takes the time to talk to you. You won't find a more honest and genuine business owner, let alone a car dealership. Highly recommend!
Thanks for your feedback!
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[Seth Wiederhold]
Seth Wiederhold
Local Guide · 126 reviews
a year ago-
Knowledgeable staff and you get to work directly with the owner!
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[Calvin Arnold]
Calvin Arnold
Local Guide · 5 reviews · 4 photos


Best car buying experience I’ve ever had!
I could’ve purchased a vehicle much closer to home but instead chose to travel 4 1/2 hours to do business with Mark! He went out of his way to make me feel appreciated and welcome. I never look forward to car shopping but Mark made it a pleasure! He was more like meeting a friend than a pushy salesman. The vehicle I purchased was described accurately on USNINE.COM. Mark was respectful and honest in dealing with my trade-in. There was never any pressure or rush. I had no trouble getting home in my new vehicle and I would certainly do business with him again. Highway 9 Auto Sales gave me the best car buying experience I’ve ever had and I bet it will do the same for you! - Jonathan - Extremely satisfied customer in Topeka Kansas!!!


Super Happy South Sioux City Customers
I want to say that I read through all the testimonials and decided to go on out and see what Mark was all about... I am SO pleased with his service as well as his honesty! Our daughter purchased her car from here and it has only been a day but we will definitely be coming back to continue business with Mark in the future... he truly cares about his customers and isn't all about making money.. Thank You for being one of few honest people out here Mark and making the purchase SO SO easy and smooth! He even took the time to show our daughter the engine and explain where what fluids go where and gave both my girls the best popcorn around :) Thanks again Mark~ Joslynn and Lili SSC NE


Happy Minivan Customer from Wayne, NE

 Hi, sharing my great experience from Highway 9.  They are so friendly over the phone and in person. NO B.S. Info ,No Pressure to buy. Stress free. I didn't have a mechanic with me, so I was very hesitant and afraid of getting something by myself.After meeting Mark I was reassured that I could trust him, and his vehicles.  He very respectfully went out of his way to help me feel comfortable on whatever I wanted to do.  Even offered to hold it until I could make a decision. This type of flexibility and his Amazing people skills !! was what made me know that I was definitely at the right dealership. Highly recommend stopping and checking them out.  A perfect place to "Shop" Everything is good quality and affordably priced.Thank you again Mark for all your Help with the really nice Toyota Sienna . Looking forward to the  No Maintenance part!  Another Happy Customer. Carleen Green - Wayne NE


Another great experience

“this is a great  and affordable place to buy a car and guaranted they will treat you fairly i had good experience buying a car from highway 9”

Mohamed Ali - Sioux City


Super Happy Silverado Buyers

Mike Jensen

My wife Kimber and I had a great experience buying our 03 Silverado from Mark. We will definitely check with you first on our next vehicle. Thanks so much and God Bless. Mike 



Happy Lexus Buyer

Jon Spale

Mark, I'm a bit slow in leaving this but thanks again for the help with the sale of the Lexus for my wife Jean. You're 110% correct in your advertising of no BS and I want to thank you for it. The car is exactly as you said it was/is and she's very happy with it. I appreciated the honesty and straight forward talk from you and felt good about it all along. You're a good guy and folks should not worry at all about buying a car from you! You won't steer them wrong! Thanks again and my apologies for my tardiness in sending this to you! Jon Spale


Testimonial in Spanish

Hola marcos.gracias por arreglar mi carro.una mazda tribute.2011 quedo muy bien.carro garantizados....es el tercer carro.que compro.y la verdad no eh tenido problemas....gracias Marco 

Alex Medrano - Sioux City

"Helped Me After the Sale" Testimonial

Hello Mark,

This is Reo, the Japanese guy who bought a car from your Auto Sales recently. The Toyota Sienna runs perfectly in a great condition. And you were true. Toyota is much better than Matzda. I really appreciate your kindness to offer us an even trade the other day.

Here is a testimonial for you. I hope you will like it.

“This Auto Sales is truly reliable. I met Mark, the owner of this Auto Sales just one week after I arrived at United States. Although I asked a rush order to him, he immediately offered an affordable car that fitted our family usage. Additionally, his after-purchase customer service was awesome. Soon after my purchase, I found the car had a minor trouble with its engine. Mark gave me some options to deal with this problem from his professional point of view, and he generously offered an even trade even though he didn’t have legal obligation to do so. As a result, I could exchange my car with another car which runs really well now without paying any money for repair, which was absolutely helpful. He treats a customer really like as his friend.”


Reo Morimitsu - Vermillion, South Dakota via Japan

Beyond Impressed


I was, and still blown away by the van I bought from Mark a little over a week ago. My father in law has purchased multiple cars and referred many friends to him. Legitimate is an understatement, this is a well run, honest dealership. I got the impression that Mark would not sell anything he wouldn't trust driving himself. I also appreciated that he had lots of variety in the vehicles he offered. However, he moves cars out of his lot fast so keep your eyes peeled! I shared with him what I was looking for and he helped meet that need. There were a couple other vans/SUV's that were newer and more expensive but he never pushed me to purchase anything I did not want to look at. His assessment of the van was accurate and had Carfax to prove it. I am excited for the next time I need to purchase a car from Mark because I know my experience will be easy and pleasant. If I do not buy my next vehicle from Mark, he either doesn't have what I am looking for at the time or he retired! Thanks for being such a blessing to my family and honest business man. -Collin Yates

Very Easy Transaction


Thank you Mark you made car shopping a whole lot easier I will buy other vehicles from you God bless you.

Jared Kudera - Sioux City


Excellent Help After the Sale


I  highly recommend purchasing vehicles from Mark . Customers services was beyond phenomenal!!! He helped get my daughter into a great reliable vehicle and when we had a slight mechanical issue with the vehicle ... Mark treated us like family and went above and beyond after the purchase to help us get it figured out ... unlike a lot of other car lots when the sale is done , they are done with you ! I definitely recommend Highway 9 Auto sales ! Thanks again Mark !!

Melissa Vincent - Sioux City

Daughters First Car - THANK YOU


My daughter was looking for a decent used car and stopped in to take a look. Had great cars there and good prices. He treated my daughter with total respect. Thank you Highway 9 my daughter loves her car and we will be comeing to see you again for my youngests first car.

Andrea Tanner - Sioux City


Hey mark! It's Tyler, the young man who bought the black Ford Explorer today. Thank you so much, the timing was truly a blessing, truly! Thank you for the help and honesty and fairness, God bless your business sir. I love the car, it's suitable for a young guy like myself.

Tyler - Sioux City, IA



One word; AMAZING!!! Amazing owners. Amazing car (2014 Hyundai Sonata Limited). Amazing experience. We highly recommend HWY 9 Auto Sales. Well worth the drive and the easiest, non-stressful “buying a car experience” that we have ever had. You could not ask for a more friendly and honest place!!

 Daniel & Terri Briest (Omaha, NE)


Hey Mark! Wanted to thank you again for getting me into my dream truck (1970 Chevy K20) ! It's everything you said it would be and more!! Thank you for you honesty and ease of doing business. You guys rock! I'll be back when I'm in the market for another vehicle. Have a great weekend. God Bless! Pat Hanisch - Sioux Falls SD


Bought a 2007 Subaru Impreza one year ago today. No trouble with it since the day I bought it. Mark is a true stand up guy and buys quality vehicles to sell to the public. Thanks again.

​Jon Weibel - Omaha, NE


Hi mark! It's Chloe, I came in yesterday and purchased the amazing blue Ford Taurus that I love so much! I just wanna say thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to help me find my perfect first car! And helped me get it in my price range! I seriously have never seen better deals or a better person that cares about the customers. Extremely thankful and extremely happy! THANK YOU!!! 😊😊

​Chloe from Sioux City


​4 Time Customer From Bennington Nebraska

My family just bought our 4th car from Mark over the last several years.  Same great experience every time.

Mark gave us a thorough description over the phone including any potential problems.
We agreed on a price prior to the 1.5 hour drive to see the car in person.
The car was exactly as Mark described and he took extra time explaining our questions.
It was a great car at a great price!  Mark, I don’t know how you do it, but every time, it’s a great car for the money.

As always, Mark treated us like family.  In addition to the 3 cars I’ve purchased plus one purchased by an adult child, I’ve had two other friends buy from Mark with the exact same great experience. 

Mark, you need to take care of yourself, I plan on buying cars from you for the rest of my life!

Jim Ogborn
Bennington, Nebraska

Very Happy Sioux City Customer

I was referred to Highway 9 Auto Sales by my brother Dwan. From the initial contact with Mark and his team it's been AWESOME!! From rapid and pleasant communication to driving home in an hour. Not only did I get a vehicle my other half also drove home today!! Mark is personable, honorable, and I will surely be referring many his way!! If your looking for mobility be sure to start here with Highway 9 Auto Sales!!! Thank You mark and team God Bless!!!

Elk Point, South Dakota Happy Customer

Thank You for the help in God Blessing my family and I with a vehicle! It has been a lot of stress lifted to not have to hunt down,  pay for,  or depend on others for transportation... I believe God places Angels in his timing In our path meeting Mark and just speaking to him was a Blessing within itself..  He looks you in your eye, he gives firm hand shake,  he ask questions of concern,  he can relate in so many ways!!!  That list could go on,  on,  on and on!!!  Mark seen my need and went above and beyond to accommodate me!!!
He went through what he had available he gave his honest interpretation of the cars and he has stood on every principle of his guarantee!!! After papers were signed he stood I reached out to shake his hand and he came from around his desk and said " I don't want a hand shake my man I want a hug"!!!!
Thank You Mark and team
God Bless
One satisfied customer
Roger Stone, Elk Point,  SD

More and More Happy Omaha Customers

Hi Mark,  Tom wanted me to let you know he absolutely loves the 2006 Suburban he bought from you a couple weeks ago.  The ride back to Bellevue was comfortable and gave him a chance to get use to all the extras this truck has.  Thanks for the no non sense and very reasonable sales transaction.  We appreciate your honesty and will highly recommend you to all. 

Thanks,  Tom and Becky Barrett - Omaha NE

Sheldon, Iowa Customer
Thank you for the most amazing car that was completely within my budget. You perfectly matched my car needs and then made the buying process easy. And the detail work on your pre-owned cars is awesome!
I'm so blessed to have found a solid go-to place for my car evolution as I progress financially.

Evie Postma - Sheldon, Iowa

Second Purchase from Sioux City

If you wanted a car buying experience as if you were going to a family members home to buy a car, this is it! Discloses any problems with the vehicle and gives you a steal as if he wasn't even selling the car! Don't waste your time haggling at another car dealership as Mark already made an educated and fair decision on the price for a TRUE haggle-free experience. 

Jorge Lupercio - Sioux City​​


What a wonderful experience! This was my first solo car purchase and Highway 9 Auto made the experience so memorable and worthwhile. I am more than happy with my purchase of a 2002 Honda CRV for a price that was in my budget. I trust that I can drive the car without worry about getting a bad or dishonest deal because everyone I talked to was straightforward and honest. The mechanic that is teamed with Highway 9 was amazing as well and totally went above and beyond. Mark was friendly and easy to work with, making sure his business has a high standard while meeting needs. I would highly recommend coming here to anyone looking for a car that is perfect for them!! - SIOUX CITY


Just picked up my 3rd vehicle from Mark @ hwy 9. Mark changed my perception of a dealership, I drive in from Omaha because his prices are hands down the best I've found. Every vehicle I've got from him has been great and made it home and much much further without issues. He sells quality vehicles and I plan on returning next time I'm looking. Worth the drive

Andrew Scarpa - Omaha, NE

I live in Sioux Falls South Dakota my wife and I have been looking for a Honda Pilot for a year or more and Monday morning early I checked online and found what seemed to be the perfect one called and inquired spoke with Mark he was very helpful went and spoke with our bank by 10:30 we were on the road drove to Ponca test drove the Pilot and it was everything Mark said it was the perfect vehicle for the perfect price Mark is extremely good person to do business with very helpful and efficient we were back on the road in no time flat able to drive back to Sioux Falls and pick our child from school by 2:45 pm. I would highly recommend everyone looking for a vehicle to check Highway 9 Auto Sales by Ponca Nebraska I only regret not having more time to spend in the area my family roots are from Ponca . I can not thank you enough Mark I will always check with Mark first when I look for a vehicle . Sincerely David L. Yusten


I live in Sioux Falls South Dakota my wife and I have been looking for a Honda Pilot for a year or more Monday morning early I checked online and found what seemed to be the perfect one called and inquired spoke with Mark he was very helpful went and spoke with our bank by 10:30 am we were on the road drove to Ponca test drove the Pilot and it was everything Mark said it was the perfect vehicle for the perfect price Mark is extremely good person to do business with very helpful and efficient we were back on the road in no time flat able to drive back to Sioux Falls and pick our child from school by 2:45 pm I would highly recommend everyone looking for a vehicle to check Highway 9 Auto Sales by Ponca Nebraska I only regret not having more time to spend in the area my family roots are from Ponca . I can not thank you enough Mark I will always check with Mark first when I look for a vehicle . Sincerely David L. Yusten 05/01/2017 

Thank you Mark for being honest and just an all around great man.I purchased a car from you 4-21-17 and it was the most comfortable experience I had buying a car so all my car buying will be through you and anybody that I know needs a car I will bring to you also.You,yourson,and staff are awesome! Thanks so much for your help and making my car buying experience AWESOME! Kathryn Myers - Sioux City, IA


Dealing with Mark at Highway 9 Auto sales cannot be beaten, super friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly…HONEST. I needed a 2nd vehicle for my girlfriend to use for work.  I was quite hesitant to jump on anything too soon but we fell in love with a 2000 GMC. Mark was more then accommodating, having us test drive on the spot, gave us the true car fax history as well as guarantees that we couldn’t pass up. Its been 2 months since the purchase and NO problems what so ever. Outstanding prices for every vehicle on his lot and you can rest assured he will work with you no matter what the issue. Great Guy, and a great business. Will be using his services in the future, for sure! Thanks again Mark!

Skylar Hood - South Sioux City, Nebraska 4-22-2017


Seen a vehicle on the web site that really interested me, but I really wanted to see it in person. Put down a deposit and they held it for me. IT WAS AS DESCRIBED. It just didn't fit quite what we thought we wanted. Mark, no questions asked gave us our deposit back. He also tried to help us get something to fit the need. Wow! A no high pressure salesman that cared about what we thought. Trust me Mark I'm still watching and THANK YOU very much. P.S. My son has bought two vehicles and has been satisfied both times. Very happy customer from Ansley,Nebraska

4-20-2017 Just bought a mini van for my growing family this past weekend from Mark. I never thought in my life I would ever drive one of those but I am and I love it. It'...s super clean and obviously a great veh overall. Right off the bat for the first time I felt like I met an honest trustworthy car salesmen. It's hard to find those type of people anymore. So if your needing a veh then Mark from Hywy 9 Auto Sales is where you need to go. Don't hestitate! 

Melissa Vacha - Lyons, Nebraska

4-10-2017 We are so happy we decided to come look at the Jeep we saw on your website. What a great deal! Mark is great man to work with. Very honest, kind and generous. He was so helpful, not pushy, very kind and genuine. We love our new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and will continue to tell everyone we know about this awesome dealership. Thank you for being so kind and honest, a true rarity in this dishonest world that we live in. Caleb and Kaley Hobbs - Vermillion, SD


I am writing to tell you how refreshing it is to deal with an honest man! 
As you know I have been burned badly by "honest guys selling great cars"...
You were patient with me and allowed me to feel comfortable with my purchase.  The car was very well described. I am very happy with it.  More importantly you are a good guy who loves cars!
I will always consider you a friend and a trusted source for future vehicles. 

Dr. Kareem Zaki - Virginia (Bought a Classic $8000 Mercedes sight unseen and shipped it home) 


I had an idea what I wanted, for Nebraska's country roads I absolutely needed a 4x4. Paid cash and drove it home that day. No second thoughts about what I bought-I'd do it that way every time. Dealerships try to get you to buy what they want. Not here. I got to choose the truck for me, at a price that was fair and got to test drive it.


​Amazing amazing amazing!!!! So refreshing to have a place that operates in HONESTY and INTEGRITY!!! Hands down our best shopping experience!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and may you continue to be blessed and FAVORED by God! He is good all the time and ALL the time He is good!!!!!!

Jena Siemer

Omaha, Nebraska. ​


We bought a 2004 Chevy Aveo and had a great drive home! He was very easy to talk to and work with. We test drove two cars and fell in love with the second one. We walked back in and made an offer and bought it! Its sure a fast and zippy little car! We will be keeping an eye out on your listings when it comes time to get my daughter her first car! Amanda and Mike


Purchased a 99 Civic for my son.  I'm a repeat buyer. The car was exxceptionally clean and sound.  Mark is easy to deal with and straightforward.  Thank you Mark. May God bless you and yours this Christmas season.

Peace - Rev. Eric S Biehl


This is the 2nd time I have dealt with Mark, and both times he has been awesome! This time I purchased a vehicle from him and am very satisfied. Mark is not only honest about his vehicles, his prices are well below where you would find anywhere else. Thank you Mark again for selling me a great car!


The best way to put the experience we received was really above and beyond with this dealer... he let me put cash down to hold the car over the weekend until the bank opened for us to pull cash out. He was knowledgeable about what he was selling, not like alot of other car dealers that just say make model year, he explained pros and cons to the vehicle we were interested in and let us drive it and another to make are minds up. 

He's really, well, best way to put it, out of this world and a blessing to meet.  The car did have a problem after we left and he held up his end of the deal he had Sioux city Ford rebuild the cars transmission 100 percent. He didn't more then likely make any profit (and actually lost a ton of money) but he was happy to help no problem for him no attitude about it just the help we needed and I will say I'll be back because the person Mark is he's not just a business owner or dealer he's become what I know as a friend. We will with no doubt be back again as he gives great prices and that's not even the best of it. For him it's not just a job, and for the next customer its the experience and potential friendship or at least smile on the next persons face that you get from meeting Mark.  thank you Mark.  Danyale - Sioux City, Iowa 

Thanks a Milion Mark!
I just want to sing praises about this man. I was in a car wreck sunday evening with the first car I bought from him exactly a year ago. Now two days later I find myself blessed a million times over by the same caring and generous man. I can't say enough about this man. I won't buy another car from anyone else. Thank you Mark for everything!


We were looking for a school car for our son. A friend told us we needed to drive out and check out a car dealership in Ponca, Nebraska; said it was well worth the 2 hour drive out there. The dealer was known to be an honest, stand-up guy and told it like it was about the cars. When we got there we were greeted by Mark and his daughter (both awesome!) Mark showed us several cars that might meet our needs; left us alone to test drive them and make a decision. It was no hassle car buying to the extreme! The buying experience was amazing, however the after-purchase experience was out of this world. On the trip home an issue with the engine developed in the car we purchased; I called Mark up and he said "no problem, bring it back and we will make it perfect for you!" We took the car back, Mark got it to a mechanic and he did as he said he would. There is no way I will purchase a used car any place else. Also, this is the first time I have ever written a testimonial about a buying experience! If you are looking for a used car; DON'T LOOK ANY FARTHER! Head to Highway 9 Auto Sales! Travis - Omaha, NE


​Hi Mark! This is how buying a car should be. Straight up answers, straight up prices, quality used cars. Lots of variety to choose from too. Daughter LOVES the car. Shoot, I think I decided to buy it before I even got halfway down the drive on the test drive. Car was everything you said it was going to be, Will definitely tell folks to check you out. Not sure what the State laws are on road signage but man, if you could put a couple good sized signs down the road that would say US 9 Auto Sales Next Right (or left for the other direction) it would sure help the first time customers find you a bit better. I think I went by twice before I remembered the goal posts in one of the pictures on your website. Again, delighted with the purchase and your style of business. Keep it up!

Mike​ Luken - Cherokee, IA


I wanted to write this to let you know that you should have total faith in the vehicles from Hwy 9.  We bought a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan.  The ad said that Mark would have no issue hopping in it and driving to California.  I had a budget in mind and this van was a little above. I called to be sure that he had it as I live an hour and a half from the lot.  He assured me it would be there as would the 2 other vans I asked about.  So we got there and I can admit I am kind of picky and I didn't like the 2 vans that were in my self inflicted budget.  He told me to look at the Grand Caravan.  I looked at it and drove it and was instantly in love.  The van had a little over 192,000 miles.  We have some mechanics in the family so I wasn't super worried and I knew of the guarantee to make it home and he told me an older lady owned the van and it had good maintenance.  I learned that to be true when I took it in to get an oil change at the dealership.  2 of the tires on the van were the factory ones.  The dealer was impressed for the age and miles how good of shape the van was in.  I can say that I have 13 month old twins who were preemies and see lots of doctors in Omaha and as I write this I am 8 months pregnant. I am high risk and also see a lot of doctors in Omaha. I tell you that to show that you should not be afraid of a high mile vehicle. In the 90 days that I have owned this van we have put over 10,000 miles on it........YES 10,000.  So Mark was right about going to California in it. I have basically put 3 roundtrips to Los Angeles and back on it.  I do hope to get at least a year out of the van. I am hoping after my baby arrives the miles will add up a lot slower but if not and I need another van I will happily go back to US 9 for another one.  I could not be happier with the van and the decision to break my budget and buy it.  Thank you to Mark for being so good to us.  This was our second purchase as my dad bought a pick up from Mark also.

Dawn Shea/ Ed Brell - Washta, IA


Great buying experience...  We're going to tell our friends and relatives about your place as well.  Love the straight forward approach without the high pressure sales.

​Jay  McKeown - Lincoln, Nebraska


Hello to the Charlson's, we are from Norfolk and recently purchased a vehicle from you, in which you sold us a very nice car for a very fair price and we thank you very much. You made us feel confident in our decision to buy from you. We were also very pleased to get to meet your family. You are all very nice people and are kind and courteous to your customers. It was truly a pleasure getting to do business with you. Have and will continue to recommend you. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.                                          Sincerely,
The Lewis Family - Norfolk, Nebraska

Super nice people !!! Great people to deal with !!! Straight as a arrow !!!
​John Mercer - Elberton, Georgia

Via ebay on $29k Online Purchase


car is fantastic and seller very helpful

​​​Via ebay on $20k Online Purchase to Chicago


Bought a 97 Mercury from Mark/Charlie and it has been a dream car to own. I spent under 1000 and have a car that gets me everywhere. Thank you for everything!!!

Jason Blackwell - Sioux City


There's so many good things I can say about Mark and his family and what they have all done for me they are truly an amazing auto dealership and I recommend them to anyone and everyone he keeps his word very honest very kind man and I'm very grateful that I found this dealership Thank you so much Mark for helping me get the right car I truly do love it and I will keep referring you to people again thank you so very much.

Ryana Suarez - Sioux City


I rarely write reviews or testimonies. My experience with US 9 Auto has compelled me to write a testimony. We recently purchased two cars on two different occasions for our daughters. The price was right and the cars were very nice. They were as described. Mark is a family man that runs a family business with a great reputation. He treated us with respect. No pressure to buy and everything is out in the open. We could not ask for better. Pastor Rich Peralez South Sioux City, NE


We looked online for a pickup with low miles at a decent price. We had watched US Nine site for one for a couple of months, but every time we would get ready to call and check out a pickup.....poof it was sold. We decided that the continued sales happening as fast as Mark was posting the vehicle was a good sign. We saw one posted and called to have them hold it until we could drive the hour there.....We bought the vehicle that day! US Nine auto is a very honest car dealer with the best pricing around! We will be coming back for our next vehicle purchase! Charlie and Lisa Meadows


Hey Mark, just purchased the 07 Silverado from you and I cant be more pleased. You are by far the best guy to deal with, and super easy to work with. No BS and you mean it. What you say is what you get. I love the truck as does my family. Cannot thank you enough for the great deal you worked out for me. You will have my repeat business and I will be spreading your name and business around. Not surprised that today when I went to switch over my insurance to the new truck my insurance guy knew you, bought a vehicle from you, and said exactly the same thing about you. Also my supervisor at work had looked at a vehicle of yours and new your good name also. Again thank you so much for the great quality truck and I will be dealing with you again. Mike Helt - Sergeant Bluff, IA

Purchased my second vehicle in 4 months. I am amazed at the quality of the vehicles I purchased. I would expect to pay close to double anywhere else. Also these where the easiest vehicle purchases I have ever had. All I can say to all would be buyers is be alert and be fast cuz they go quick.
Alan Johnson - Sioux City

I have purchased two cars from Mark and know several others who have purchased multiple cars from him. I trusted him so much after my first purchase, that I bought the second car from him based solely on the pictures and his description of it. When I arrived to pick up the car, I was very happy with my purchase and I still am. I get nothing but compliments on this car. Just yesterday, someone asked me if I got a raise and if my employer is hiring because they want to be able to afford a car like this one. So I had to tell them about the great deals at US Nine. You can put your worries about used car shopping to rest when you buy a car from Mark. 
Jay Canning - Santee, Nebraska


Hey this is Jason, just bought the 300 from u. Just made it home it was a long 3 hours but very well worth it Bro. U were not lying when u said it drives like new!! I absolutely LOVE the ride man. I CAN'T THANK U ENOUGH!!!! I feel i got a smoking deal and believe me u will come highly recommended when I hear one of my friends looking for a ride!! Like I said it was a long drive but I honestly want drive it again not only to find a reason to drive my HEMI but also to shake ur hand once again!!!! THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!
Jason Beck - Avoca, NE

I purchased a 2004 trailblazer from Mark it runs a drives amazing We had amazing customer service and got a great deal I highly recommend us 9 auto sales !!!
Rosa Askvig - Cherokee, IA via Google Reviews


My dad has purchased several cars from Mark over the past couple years, so when the time came for us to buy a minivan for our growing family, Mark was my first call.  He asked me to send him a list of our wants/needs/priorities and he would keep an eye out for us.  Less than a week later he called me with our ideal vehicle.  It literally checked every single box on our list AND at a great price.  Not being a car person myself, Mark spent a ton of time on the phone with me to walk me through various elements of the van so I could feel comfortable knowing what I would be getting if I made the drive up to check it out.  Shopping for a car is always a little nerve wracking, but at least with Mark you never have to worry about getting ripped off or feeling pressured to buy before you're ready.  You can't put a dollar amount on trust, and fortunately with Mark you don't have to - not only are his cars a great value, he won't waste your time calling you about vehicles that don't really fit your needs just to try and sell you a car.  Thanks, Mark! 

Kaite Johnson - Dow City, IA

Mark, I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience with us today. It started from when your cousin Stevie greeted us and made us feel welcome. "OUTSTANDING " Service all around. We want to wish you and your entire family future success and enjoy Cali. God definitely blessed us today with putting you in our lives.
The Fantroy Family - Bloomfield, NE

I've watched this site for a couple years and been amazed at the number of cars Mark sells.  Called on a couple but usually by the time I think about it a while they are either already sold or on hold.  Anyway was looking for a low dollar dependable car for a first time driver / work car and was watching a 94 Lesabre, thinking it over and then noticed that the priced dropped $500 on it as a weekend special.  So I emailed a deposit on with out even calling on it, but Mark called me telling me that he received my deposit and I got the car, I told him what I was needing and he said it would be fit my needs.

Anyway when I went to get the car, Mark was gone , going after more inventory.  I looked it over , paid the balance and headed for home. We made 100 of the 140 mile trip home and it died, luckily in a town and we got it to a shop and left it.  I kind of wondered what I got myself into but called Mark and told him what happened and he told me to see what was wrong and let him know.  The repair bill amounted to a bit more the $500, the estimate was $500, and he covered it!

The car is 20+ years old and was sold "as is", but when he states "the car will get you home", he means it.  Enough said!

Mark Williams
Bonesteel SD

Thank you! Mark, I made the Best purchase today. when I got home I compared to see what other people where selling the same exact car for and I realized I save ALOT of money and have a great Deal. If you are looking for a Honest car dealership Highway 9 Auto Sales is the place to go. I Feel Bless by the Best.... Love ya, Mississippi Queen
(Diane Morgan - Biloxi Mississippi)


Thank you Mark for a great experience and a great deal.  I'm a pastor of a country church. On Thanksgiving day our daughter was driving home, lost the car on the ice and rolled it down a canyon. We were very blessed she was not hurt, but it totaled the car. One of our church members told me about Mark and US-9. He had purchased more than one vehicle from him and was well pleased with not only the vehicles but with Mark himself as a Godly man.  I called Mark and we talked about our very limited budget and what he had available. We decided to make the trip a bit over three hours. Our church member was so pleased with Mark he offered to drive me up there. When we got there, I was impressed. I liked the no nonsense, straight forward, here's the deal with this car approach. I wasn't rushed but wasn't stalled ether. I liked the "Here's what I can do for you on this dollar wise." The vehicle we bought is a blessing.  I am not amazed, Mark had just gotten the van the day before and it was exactly what we needed. That's the way God works, Right van, Right Time, Right place, Right man of God Dealer. Thank you Mark. We'll be back.Roger Sloan Broken Bow Ne.

My husband and I just purchased our second vehicle from Mark @ Highway 9 Auto Sales. Straight Shooter and honest. Very good quality used vehicles. The second vehicle was purchased yesterday and we have already driven it over 700 miles and it does run well just like Mark said it would! We have friends and family that have bought from other dealers but they are seeing the quality vehicles that Highway 9 has and they will be going there soon! WELL WORTH THE DRIVE!!
Patti Jo Miller - Cherokee, IA

Hello Mark!! I want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided my husband and I with the recent purchased we made of the 98 Plymouth Voyager. We drove it to Texas and it did not give us any problems at all!! We had an awesome experience working with you. We appreciate that you go above and beyond to help your customers. Thank you!
Lucy Avalos - South Sioux City, NE

So many GREAT words came to mind when I look back on my experiences with Mark

. EASY, QUICK, HONEST, FRIENDLY and RELIABLE. My family and I have bought just four vehicles from Mark. Every time I called and said who I was, it was like I was there just the day before. For Mark to remember my family and I is a great thing to see. Shows how much he cares about his customers and his business. I will continue to work with Mark in anyway possible and couldn't be happier with the service I get every time I show up. Thanks Mark.
Pete Matthews - Norfolk, NE (Iowa Transplant)

Drives great,ran great.cruise control did work. Thanks for opening up on Sunday I really appreciate you doing that for me.  As far as I can tell its in great running shape all the way around. I'll drive it through the ALCAN hwy through the Canadian Rockies to Alaska tomorrow. That's a test for any car. Thanks again I'll refer you as many people as I can while I'm hear that's a promise. Thank you for you prompt service and honesty, rare for a car dealer.
Matthew Chrisman - Alaska

Mark and crew thanks so much for a wonderful car buying experience. My son loves his Subaru. We will spread the news about your business.
Barbara DiSanto - Sioux Falls, SD

I bought a 2008 Toyota Camry from Mark. Under the Picture is said Mint. It was!! I went to Sioux City,Sioux Falls, Yankton. But I found the Car in Ponca. I can't thank you enough for the car. The peace of mind to talk to about the car, test driving it, and seeing the Car Fax on it. I will always tell everybody about you. I will always thank God for what you sold me. The best car I have ever had. thank you.
Lance Flaugh - Sioux City, IA

This is an overdue testimonial to the great service I received when I bought my 1999 Camry last month. I really appreciated the fact that the car was ready to roll when I drove up, and the transaction was seamless! That, combined with your easy going persona and the fact that my car was exactly as advertised (great condition for an older Camry!) adds up to a super car-buying experience! Highway 9 Auto Sales is now my 1st stop shop for a used car! THANKS!
Jim Mattingly - Omaha, NE

If you ever think God isn't listening to your prayers, we are here to tell you he does hear you.  He answered our prayers by sending us to meet with Mark at US Nine when we lost our only means of transportation by hitting a deer on the highway. Mark worked with us to find a vehicle we could afford.... His knowledge of the vehicles on his lot was amazing. The vehicle he choose for us was everything he said it was and more.  We will be return customers and look forward to referring as many family and friends as we can. May God richly bless Mark and US Nine.
Cynthia and Allan Mahan - Norfolk, NE

Recently we bought a car for our 16-year old daughter. The experience was one to be spoken of and told to many. Many times I have covered the Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs and Lake Manawa, IA areas of the city to find a dealer that was honest and customer friendly. The owner, Mark Charlson was excellent and very easy to work with as well as "no pressure buying" for our business. Mark exemplified integrity, honesty and trust! We are so grateful that customer service and honesty is still a working concept in the car sales industry....and you will get this at Highway 9 Auto Sales. These experiences will find their way into many conversations that we have with our family and friends to purchase their vehicles here. --
Chandra & Latrell Wrightsell, Omaha, Nebraska


 I am a mid 20 year old woman and normally shopping for a car is difficult. I don't know a lot about them and I always wonder if I am going to be taken advantage of for that reason, but Mark was amazing. When my boyfriend and I first got there from Sioux Falls, SD Mark wanted to know about us. Not just about what kind of vehicle we were looking into, but who we were as people and THAT is the reason I will refer everyone I know to him. This was a personal experience not just a business transaction.    From the very beginning he was honest. He told us everything he knew about the vehicle, both good and bad. Understanding he had just gotten it in and hadn't had a chance to have a mechanic look at it he worked with us on pricing. Since we had a decent trip to make home he guaranteed the vehicle until we got home. Sure enough we got home and than had an issue and called him oand that didn't matter. Mark took my call and covered the cost for the repairs. 
     When I first read the reviews on his page I was skeptical because every one was good, I did think he chooses what he adds on his page, but I believe that he posts every review and they are all actually that good. Thank you Mark! I love Penny (Pontiac's name) and I can't wait to send my friends your way! 
                                            Alyssa Waymire - Sioux Falls, SD

"Great original car. Easy, honest transaction, as it should be. Thanks."
Via Ebay - 1974 Pontiac Firebird to Denver, CO

"Was as described"
Via Ebay - 1982 Toyota Pickup to Miami, FL

I just recently purchased a 2001 Malibu from Highway 9 Auto. I am very pleased with Mark's service he is a very friendly and honest person. I would recommend Highway 9 auto to anyone looking for a used vehicle.  
Thank you, Dan and Julie Nielsen - Woodbury County, IA 


Hello Mark,

I would like to say I really appreciate your honesty and devotion to your customers. I have been burned too many times when it comes to buying cars, but the honesty I encountered at Highway 9 made me stay to look for another car. Not only was the 2006 Altima in immaculate condition for the year, but the price it was going for was so low, not even my banker could pass it up! That says a lot considering I am currently rebuilding my credit, so it's not the greatest. Thanks to you and Steve for restoring my faith in humanity when it comes to car buying and also, thanks for helping me unintentionally rebuild my credit. P.S- I didn't even have the car 2 hours before my girlfriend took it for a drive and she can't get enough of it. Thanks again!
Jorge Lupercio of Sioux City

After purchasing a truck from US9 a couple years ago, we trusted you and knew you were fairly priced.  My ex-husband saw an ad on Craig's List, called me at work, and I put a deposit on a Tracker, sight unseen.  I drove from Beaver Crossing, NE, in severe thunderstorms to pick up my new ride.  When I arrived, I was greatly disappointed because it was not the type of vehicle I wanted and there was a hole in the passenger floor that you said had been repaired (you were billed for it so you were confident the work had been done).  When you saw how disappointed I was, you spoke with me to find out what I wanted and what would be reasonable for me.  You had a Honda Fit that was more what I was looking for and made me an offer that would compensate me for my disappointment and long drive.  I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me to understand my needs and budget, and then finding the right vehicle for me.  We encourage our friends and co-workers to visit your website and deal with you.  Your vehicles are reliable and you offer a reasonable price.  You are not a typical used car salesman
Jackie - Beaver Crossing, NE


Hi Mark,This is a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure to let you know that we absolutely love the van we bought from you back in November (2014). I have been meaning to write a review for you for sometime now.
I first found Mark and U.S. Nine about 3 years ago. Me and my husband (who is incredibly particular on vehicles) had been searching for a new vehicle for our growing family. We had two kids and knew that we would have to upgrade to a minivan in the near future. We had continued to search for vehicles around where we lived but could not find one that would be up to my husband's specifications. I had checked usnine.com religiously and we found a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan that was affordable and looked like it was just what we needed. Since we lived over 6 hours away near Rapid City, SD, I knew it would have to be absolutely perfect in order to twist my husband's arm in going there to check it out. After talking to Mark, my husband felt that he could trust what he had said about the van. He was able to answer all of the questions that we had and told us exactly what was good and bad with the vehicle. Mark made us feel comfortable to travel that distance to buy a car. We have now had the van for almost a year and we still are absolutely in love with it. It has had NO issues and runs as smooth as when we first bought it. We will definitely take the 6 1/2 hour drive all over again to buy a vehicle from Mark. He is completely trustworthy and honest and highly recommended when we hear of someone needing a vehicle. Thank you Mark.
God Bless,
Travis and Anna Eckert - Rapid City, SD

My Charlie Car ~ 2004 KIA Spectra with 295K ~ delivers pizzas 6 days a week & has done Omaha, Des Moines, Okoboji, Sioux Falls & many other towns in between.
Bob Protextor - Sioux City, IA (bought this car two years ago with 250k)

You guys are Awesome... Thanks... My grandson was sooo happy when he seen explorer... Priceless... I will be watching your web site to see if something comes up like this for my self.. He already replace the seat with the identical one and in excellent shape.. Thanks again.. Deb - Sioux City, IA

*UPDATE* Mark helped us get out of a gas guzzling older Cadillac for a 2002 Windstar back in April and it is still going strong and my family loves it. We recently had to take my daughter up to the Shriner's hospital in Minneapolis Mn and the van did wonderful and best of all we got over 30 mpg vs 12 out of our old car. I cant wait tell I can buy another car from Mark and recommend him to everyone I hear looking for a. The Short drive is more than worth it. Thanks again to Mark and the rest of your family and crew!!
Adam,Heather and Rogue Corria . - Sioux City, IA

I had bought a Chrysler from Highway 9 back in March.. it was a great running vehicle, for about a month... I ended up putting a lot of money into that car and was still having issues. I called Mark and explained to him what was going on and Mark was totally understanding. He told me to bring the car back and he'd make things right. Well, he most definitely did make things right. I'm now in a VERY NICE, VERY DEPENDABLE Chevy Trailblazer, I am extremely pleased with how well he treated me. Most used car dealers are not as understanding. The thing is, he didn't even need to help me out, he could have told me that I brought it "as is" or "sorry about my luck", but he didn't, He treated me like family, he cut me a great deal on the new vehicle and didn't even have to. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE! He's a great guy and a great business man for sure.
Kaylie Murray - Sioux City, IA

Mark, I just want to commend you on your recent offering of cars for $555. I hope those in need of the cheapest transportation were able to take advantage of this incredible offer. There are so many people that just need basic  transportation, but even $1,000 is out of their reach. For you to offer them the opportunity to make what could be a life-changing purchase speaks to your commitment to doing business the right way and for the right reasons. Thank you for your integrity and for making the car-buying experience completely different for those of us lucky enough to find you. Best regards,
Kelly Enright Columbia, Missouri
(prev customer - 1996 Jeep Cherokee)


Mark, thank you so much for finding us a new van to transport our youth group around with.  We asked you to find one that was in good shape and affordable and you did both.  It is so nice to have a vehicle dealer in Northeast Nebraska that is so accommodating!  Your ethics and your integrity spoke volumes to us when we came to test drive the van and settle up with you.  Our van was just as you described it and not one bit different.To anyone out there that is shopping for a vehicle I cannot recommend any better dealer anywhere.  We have purchased many vehicles from many dealers over the years and Mark at US 9 is definitely at the top of his field.  If your looking for a vehicle do not waste your time and your money going anywhere else.  Go to US Highway 9 and you will not regret your experience.  Another huge benefit that we enjoyed was we only spent about 20 minutes from the start of our test drive until we were all settled up and driving our new van down the road.  Mark is a no nonsense car dealer.  
Best Regards,
Travis and Heidi Hallsted


We needed to take the time and express our gratitude to Markfor being the stand-up guy that he truly is! We were referred to Mark withhopes of finding an affordable car for our daughter who is currently attendingcollege a couple states away. We were certainly not disappointed. Mark madethis experience very enjoyable. He is probably the most honest guy that youwill ever meet. Talking with Mark about our needs was like having aconversation with a close friend. In fact, it felt as if we have known him foryears. The day after we made our purchase our car had an ignition module go outand in no way could have this been foreseen. We called Mark for some advice ashow to proceed and not only did Mark answer the call, he felt compelled to covera portion of our repair. Who does that???  

Mark’s integrity to ensure that you get a quality car at anaffordable price speaks volumes. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. We can’tthank Mark enough for his help and honesty!!!

Troy and Patti Resitroffer - Lincoln NE


 I can not thank you enough for helping us with transportation to get Dave to Sioux falls every week for cancer treatment. I only called you because I thought you could help me find a mechanic to repair our broken down car.
But you went the extra mile and actually went and found us a van and called us to come get it. You have a very special place waiting for you in heaven , I feel sure of that . there are not many people like you left in this fast pace , world of entitlement. When you handed Dave the keys I saw the tears in his eyes !! that took my breath away because in 35 years I ever seen that man cry 3 times , his parents death and when we nearly lost our youngest daughter. He has a huge battle to fight this time as cancer is taken over all of his organs but to know one good person like you is in our corner makes all the difference in the world. Thank you so very much and God Bless you are a special type of guy and we so appreciate you Mark !!!!!!

Sincerley .... Dave and Alicia Johnson - Sioux City, IA

Our family has bought four vehicles from Mark and Highway 9. I was out of town when my wife wanted to purchase our latest vehicle, without a thought I sent her to Mark, hung up my phone and went back to work. When was the last time you were that comfortable buying a car. At this point we don't even shop craigslist or car lots anymore, if we need a car we go to Mark. I know I'm always going to get treated like a next door neighbor and friend.
If you haven't shopped highway 9, do yourself a favor and make the short drive. Because if you do, I guarantee the next time anyone mentions car shopping, the next sentence out of your mouth will be " Hey I got a guy."

 Rashaun Galic - Sioux City, IA



I was burn once ended up the car in scrapyard and twice the money of repairing, plus my family don't have much money so I was really picky on the car just to make sure that I am not fooled again. The car is old due to its age and has some cosmetic blemishes but it doesn't drive so. Mark gave me the contact of the previous owner and also the shop which serviced the car to let me discover any thing that can go wrong. The feeling was very good and I know Mark is trustworthy not as a seller, but a friend. 
Thank you Mark so much for helping me. God bless you and your family.  

Phu Nguyen - Brookings, SD



I have been looking for a decent used vehicle for my 16 year old son for a few months now and never found the exemplary service that I found at Highway 9 Auto Sales! Thank you for the straight forward and no pressure approach, this made finding what was right for us -and our budget- a perfect fit. Plus, our purchase was a value beyond our expectations! You are definitely our first choice when it comes to finding a quality used vehicle at a great price, we will be returning when it is time for another purchase!Thanks!
Cherie Tope - Sioux City, IA
Many thanks for the great deal on the 2002 Windstar you made the whole process simple and easy and will see you again when we start looking for our next car.
Adam , Heather and Rogue Corria - Sioux City, IA


A couple of weeks ago I purchased my second car from Mark. Unlike the last time I bought a car, this time Mark was the first and only call I
made. My experience was the same as the first:
- Mark listened to my needs and walked me through some options in his inventory.
- He provided everything I neded to know including pricing prior to me making the 2 hour drive to check out what looked like the best options.
- Just like the last time, the car I purchased was exactly as Mark described.
- As always, Mark treated me and my daughter like family.
I told Mark he had better take good care of himself because I plan on buying cars from him for the rest of my life!

Jim Ogborn
Bennington, Nebraska 

I just purchased an older suburban from Mark and drove from Lincoln to get it. Mark went out of his way to point out every known issue with the truck before he'd even let me put down the deposit! This is a rare characteristic in the secondary car market, as many of us know. His honesty is a testament to his integrity in making car buying a fun experience. I definitely plan to make the trip again, when Mark has another vehicle that I just can't live without.
Thanks again Mark.
Yours, Kevin Naumann - Lincoln, NE



My wife & I just bought a car from Mark for our daughter. I hate buying cars & talking to car dealers, but dealing with Mark was a great experience.  We drove up from Elkhorn, so we wanted to make sure the car was right for us. Mark answered all my questions & concerns and the car was just as promised.  It’s nice to know there are honest & trustworthy people still around and I found one in Ponca, NE

Next time I need a car, I will be heading North to Highway 9 Auto in Ponca.

Thanks Mark!

Tim Adams – Elkhorn, NE

It was a pleasure meeting you, your wife and your 3 great dogs. Best of all I appreciate the great deal you gave my daughter for her first car. I really can't believe how great that car looks and runs. The low miles blows me away. Most importantly I like how you conducted your business in a pleasant, friendly and almost family like way. It made us feel really good. You try so hard and are as honest as they come. Your advice on the the restaurant in Ponca was great too. Thanks again. We will be back. Gary and Katherine

We were looking for a used vehicle, had heard about US 9, and that it was run based solely on its positive reputation (which for a used car dealer seemed a stretch). We were pleased to find out what we had heard was right. Mark was up front about what he had available, what the pros and cons of each vehicle were, and what needed repaired on them. He went out of his way to get us what we were looking for. We bought a good vehicle at a fair price, and are very pleased with what we got. Mark is as good as his word, and we wouldn't hesitate to come back.
Kim Dirks, Sioux City, IA


In the past few months I have bought 2 vehicles from Mark – a work car with good gas mileage and a 4X4 for winter.  I would like to say buying from highway 9 auto sales was the most pleasurable vehicle shopping I have ever experienced.  I was NOT pressured to buy anything – only given the truth about each vehicle I asked about.  Visit his website frequently and you will find a vehicle for you!  Just remember to call ASAP when you do b/c it won’t be available for long.  Thanks Mark!  I hope you are in business for many years to come because I won’t be car shopping anywhere else!     
Jas Hupke - Battle Creek, IA


Purchased a vehicle from Mark on 12/27/14 and have to say I was more than pleased with the experience. Did not purchase the unit I originally was interested in; but Mark made me a deal on another much better unit for nearly the same price. I generally shy away from "used car" dealers but Mark isn't your run of the mill dealer. The no BS thing is the real deal. If you go there looking to buy don't walk away thinking that car or truck will be there the next day. This guy moves cars fast because he wants to move units. The car I bought is by no means a"'cream puff" but I expect it will be a good serviceable unit for my purposes and the price was right. I will tell anyone I know looking for a good used unit at reasonable prices to check out what he has in stock. No BS in this review.
Jim Steckelberg - Yankton, SD

 Thanks so much for working with me on the purchase of the 2004 Audi A8.  I have purchased plenty of cars before and can honestly say that I have not had a better experience than working with you.  Car was sold to me at a honest price and came just as described.  Which was important to me because I lived out of state and never seen the car in person.  If I am ever in need of another vehicle, I will be sure to look you up first.  Also I am going to tell all my friends an family both where I live now and my home state of Nebraska.  Thanks again.
Jeff Kruse - Nixa, Missouri


We were looking for a mini or full size van. We found USNINE on line and decided to give it a try. The van we went to look at, Mark did not think would fit our needs. He did have another van that he let us browse and drive on our own. It drove like a new one, but was priced remarkably low. We love it. Mark is as advertised;
honest, no pressure, great vehicles at very low prices. Definitely worth a drive to see!

York, NE

i have bought 2 cars from mark and one mini van in the past 2 and half years i got to say he is the only used car dealer that is very pleasent to talk to and his honesty is like no other as this last time i had purchased this 2000 olds silowette mini van as the last car i got from mark was totaled as someone had run into me and i was trying to find another 1000 dollar car to use as a back up as i deliver the news paper and have to have a back up as i still drive the first car i bought from mark 2 and half years ago and i wrecked it on my paper route a little over a year ago,but have had the chance to fix it back up as it was my fault and only had liability insurance. now i am the proud owner of this 2000 olds silowette mini van and i was not looking for a mini van. i was trying to find another car like the second car i purchased from mark witch was a 1999 pontiac grand prix and mark sold it to me for a great price and i put 20,000 miles on it and the only thing that went wrong with it was the heater fan, other than that i never had to do anything to that car but drive it. anyway if you are looking for a descent car you need to give mark a call as he will defenitly treat you right as i refer people to him all the time and i can honestly say that this mini van i just bought two weeks ago is realy starting to grow on me as it gets better gas mileage than the first car i purchased from him and it has a four cylinder in it and the van has a six cylinder in it,and my totaled pontiac got better gas milage also and it was a six cylinder but if you havet checked out mark and his cars and you need one than you need to, as he wll be honest and pleasent to talk to and if he does not have what you are looking for he will try to find you one. he had a hard time to find what i was looking for,but i had drove out there and missed one i was looking for, as he didnt even have time to post it, same way with the pontiac i had bought i just got lucky as he sells his cars so fast,that he has no time to post them all and now that he has an awesome reputation they go fast. he may be in ponca,nebraska wich is a long way for me but i have bought three awesome cars from him and have nothing bad to say concerning mark, he even showed much affection as i have been going through some rough patches in the past year and i had never seen that at any other used car lot nor did i feel as welcome as mark makes you feel when you visit him and check out his cars. i will be a returning costumer for the rest of my life if i need any more used cars and will refer him over any other dealer as have not meet another like him so if you need a car,van ,truck or anything i suggest you give him a call at high way 9 auto in ponca as you will have a great experience as i have had so check him out and hope to see more reviews here on google, and thanks for taking  the time to read this.
Bill - Kingsley, IOWA

I got a really good deal at highway 9 auto sale. it was a nice and friendly experience. i look forward to future business. - Eric Nielsen - Sioux City



I bought two vehicles from Mark this year and both are great!  My first was a truck...I needed a truck for odd jobs and hauling stuff and everywhere I looked the dealers wanted way too much for rusted out old trucks and newer trucks were out of my price range...until someone told me about Mark and usnine.com.  I started looking everyday for what I needed and before long I found a great truck at a great price!  Friends and family can't believe I got such a reliable vehicle for such a low price!  My second vehicle was a minivan for my 77 year old Dad.  His old dodge minivan was ready for the junkyard and I started watching the website for a replacement vehicle.  In short order I found one that looked brand new but was bargain priced so low that I couldn't pass it up.  My Dad loves it...he's so excited!  The best deal about buying these two vehicles is that I can trust Mark...I walk away knowing I got a good deal...no surprises!  And I'm always treated first class!  Thanks Mark!Mike K - Disabled Veteran
Omaha, NE


Just bought a car from Mark for my daughter to drive to school and it was a great experience. I was driving from a couple hours away, so I wanted to make sure the car was a fit before I made the drive. Mark answered all my questions and even took a test drive with me on the cell phone and described how it drove. We agreed on a price pending confirmation of his description and when I drove up, the car was exactly what he described. This was one of the least expensive cars I have ever purchased and I have never been treated better by a dealer. I'll be checking with Mark every time I'm looking for a car in the future. Thanks for everything!
Jim Ogborn - Bennington NE

This is a bit late, but that's good... in a way. Just over a year ago I bought a Pontiac Montana van for my family. It's been a super reliable auto, and I'm now going to buy at LEAST one, and maybe two MORE vehicles from Mark. Its easy to love a car while it's new to you... This van I've had long enough to really get to KNOW it, and I'm still glad I bought it. That's the test of time, and I'm coming back for more. That alone ought to tell you all you need to know. What others have written above are true, so I won't repeat the superlatives here. I will just say, they are fact, not hype. It's hard to go wrong with Mark. He is what he says, and others say. He says what he thinks, and means what he says. What more can I say? He is what he is... A breath of refreshing air after going to some of the other dealers... (Something I don't do anymore!) I just call Mark up, (It's first name basis, and he has a tremendous memory for people!) And I tell him what I need. He finds it for me, at a price I not only can live with, but a price that always surprises me. Thanks Mark, keep on being MARK!
Chris Mills
Pierson, Ia


Couldn't be happier! Very honest seller!

via ebay for $2300 Toyota truck shipped to Anaheim, California

My extended family has bought seven cars from Mark in the last year or two.  He has made purchasing a used car no just an easy experience, but exciting and rewarding.  He was straight up about the cars and actually sold them to us at lower prices than I would have ever expected.  I can't say enough about his integrity and willingness to actually help people instead of just selling them a car.
Brad Kukuk - Sioux City, IA


Best service I ever had. I truly felt helped. There was no talk of financing and absolutely no pressure. I greatly enjoyed my experience and recommend you to EVERYONE. If you live in Sioux City, it's very worth the half-hour drive.
Amber V - Sioux City, IA 

Hello Mark,
The family and I wanted to say thank you so much for the 2000 Pontiac Montana! You were very up front about everything with the vehicle and that is huge to my wife and I. Our 6 yr old, Logan, loved the kittens, the dog and the little pot belly piglet running around, he also said the van's cool too!
 I gotta say, I had an awesome experience before,  during and after the sale. 
I've had my share of vehicles over the years and most of the sellers I've dealt with hide alot about the vehicle. Not you, you were up front, open and honest about it and didn't hide a darn thing. From our phone conversations to picking the van up at your dealership you were honest and that makes things personal and professional. And from one service member to another that's a big deal, cause trusting another person with your life is what we do alot in the military with people we've never met before and i can honestly say that I trust you and the vehicle you sold to my family and I. 
Thanks so much once again for your help and honesty that you have shown from one VET to another.  
Much appreciation and loyalty, The Edwards Family of Sergeant Bluff, IA

Dear Mark and Melanie Charlson,
I am writting to thank-you for all your help, I am not a mechanical man and I was looking for a vehicle that I could believe in and that would have a high value to dollar ratio. You were good enough to look for a range of vehicles for me and found me a beautiful; just as described, Nissan Maxima GXE it was priced at, or just below, it's value and it has lots of life left in it. 
As we had agree your mechanic fixed a few small issues prior to my picking up the car and you were generous to pick up half of that cost. I am completely satisfied with your; integrity, service and I love the car.
It is my pleasure to recommend Highway 9 Auto Sales to anyone looking for an honest and capable used car dealer. Your business model; used cars that come from trade-in's from local dealerships and sold at great prices is a very rare, valuable and practical service to others.
Thanks again I could not be happier, feel free to share my contact information with any prospective customers, I'd be only to happy to veryify my very happy car buying experience.
Tom Heelan



Thanks so much for all your help in getting us set up with our daughter’s 2001 Buick LeSabre. Having been through the “buying a kid car” routine 4 times it is hard to find a good car for a decent price. I was so glad that I stumbled on to your website while looking through Craigslist. Here is the part that will bring me back to Highway 9, a 5 hour drive from Corydon Iowa……everything about this car, good and bad, you told me upfront before we came out to look. You told us all the history of the car and all the items that you worked on and the ones that needed done. Honesty and integrity, two character traits today that are hard to find in dealing for cars. Anyone reading this can rest assured that everything that is written in these many testimonials are what they experienced in dealing with Mark Charlson. If you are looking for a car, just call and talk to Mark on the phone and you will see what all of us mean. I will make that drive again!

Brian VanderSluis
Corydon, Iowa


Hi Mark!

Two years ago we had such a wonderful experience buying Cora’s first car that we promised to return. Today we’re happy to report how pleased we are with our second purchase! Emma’s Impala is a perfect fit for her, and we as parents love the way you worked with our 16-year-old as she handed you her own hard-earned cash. We’ll be talking again soon when our son comes of age (and next time you’ll be challenged with finding us a truck)!

Mark, Beth, & Emma

Hardwick, MN



Dear Mark , I would like to send a heartfelt THANKS ! for your hospitality and kindness in purchasing of our car. During a traumatic health scare , we decided to get out from under a car payment , we could no longer afford as Dave had to retire due to health. After we had sold our vehicle , we called you with a strict budget and an idea of what we needed for a vehicle . By the time we arrived at your lot you had searched your inventory and picked out the best deals for us, Thankfully one of them is our car today !! You were very honest and gave us all the facts on each vehicle , without all the rant we were getting in town ! , then you stepped away and let us SHOP! .... Thank you so much , we made our choice and are very happy ! !.
Sincerely , Alicia and Dave Johnson - Sioux City, IA



 Thanks much for helping me find a great car for my son. My son and I spent a lot of time shopping for cars for him, and his daughter, to safely get him to work and home. We needed a safe and reliable vehicle. When got to your location late on a Saturday night and you didn't rush us or push us to close a sale so that you could close and go home for the evening. My son picked out the car that he wanted and you worked with us on the pricing and payment options and made this a very pleasant experience. 

 He is very proud of the vehicle he selected and it is still running great for him.

 I would not hesitate recommending US Nine Auto Sales to anybody looking for a good used vehicle. 
Best Regards,
Jay and Nick L.




I would like to express my gratitude for such a great car buying experience.  The condition of the car was exactly as promised and we absolutely love the car!Bottom line for us is that we only buy from people we can trust, preferring local business and face to face interactions. Finding the right used car locally has been very difficult. The descriptions on your website and the photos really helped us to make the decision to take the drive to your location to see the vehicle in person and we were not disappointed. I would not hesitate recommending US Nine Auto Sales to my family and friends.
Steve and Carolyn N.

Mark, I just wanted to say how pleased I have been with my 1999 Honda Accord I purchased from you in August 2013. Many of my friends could not believe the deal I got on my car. I recommend you to anyone I meet who is looking for a deal on a used vehicle. If I am in the market for another car, I am looking to you first! Thanks for your friendly and honest business!

Mark was great to work with!! Transparent and kind!! Would purchase again!
Via Ebay on $8100 van shipped to Orlando, Fl

I purchased a vehicle from Mark for my daughters graduation. Extremely pleased with the vehicle, the above and beyond assistance throughout the purchase and the honesty and friendliness I received. Will be using Mark again.

Jack Zurek - Sacramento, California (bought online, flew in, and picked it up)


Another Thank You....from my best friends daughter :)

A Thank You card received from AWESOME customers from Spencer, Iowa


Hi Mark – 

Just a quick thank you. Each time I’ve purchased cars from you, you’ve told me to let me know if I wasn’t happy, that you would do anything you could to fix the situation. I bought a car from you (because my teenagers fell in love with it -- ) and it turned out not to work for me and my family. I called you, you said to come on in later the same day and you would take care of me. You did. You treated me like a queen, and I am so happy with the car we brought home to replace the other one. Thanks for being a great guy and running a straight-forward, customer-centered business. We’re lucky to have you in the community!

Julie Kleinschmit - Bow Valley, NE


 I want to say a few words about how the vehicles we bought from Mark have held up over the past year.  In April we came and bought a 2005 Town and Country from Mark.  It now has over 185k miles and is still going strong.   My wife and I use it to drive our two-year old around town and down to grandpa and grandma’s house, about three hours away.  I’ve also used it to transport our teens from church- a great vehicle!

As a minister I also do a lot of driving for visitation so I wanted something that gets great mileage.   This summer I bought a 2004 Prius from Mark.  Aside from my regular weekly driving for work (300-400 miles), I’ve taken the car on two long trips totaling almost 5,000 miles.  It’s still going strong even with almost 250k miles.  When Mark says they check their cars to make it out to California and back you can believe it!  I have faith in Mark’s honesty and in his ability to ascertain the mechanical condition of vehicle.  In getting dependable vehicles for us, I trust him with the safety of my family, our friends, and my own transportation.   He and his wife are both a pleasure to deal with!    If you’ve bought a car from other dealers you often find that after you agree on a price they hit you with a “doc fee” that can run hundreds of dollars! I appreciate that Mark has no add-on fees- the price you agree on is what you pay, and what you
 pay is going to be much less than anywhere else I’ve found.  I look forward to doing business with the Charlsons again!  What a great family!

One more thing- after we bought the Town and Country from Mark, we left the new van in Sioux City and were going to drive our old van to Grandma and Grandpa’s since it was already all packed up.  Our old van broke down in near Onawa, IA with a faulty alternator.  Even though it wasn’t the vehicle that Mark sold us that broke down, when he heard about our situation he sent someone down to give me a ride to Sioux City so I could pick up the new van while we had the Old one repaired.  I didn’t even ask him for help, he just thought it was a good thing to do. Even though we had just met, to me, that’s the action of a friend, not just someone you do business with.  I think that speaks a lot to the kind of guy Mark is.

James Telgren - Sioux Falls, SD


Hey Mark!

Hope you are doing well!  I wanted to send you a testimonial.  I very much appreciate you, your wonderful wife, and how you do business.  If you are ever plan to come up to Sioux Falls please let me know, I would love to have you guys for dinner!  

Pastor James


 Dear Mark, 
Thank you so much for being so nice. I really enjoy the whole process of buying a car from you. I treat you as good friend and I can feel you treat me as good friend too. I used to have bad impression with any car dealer in U.S but you are quite different from them. Best price with best service, what could I possibly complain about?
你是我在美国见到的最棒的二手车卖家!!!(you are the best car dealer I have ever seen in USA) 
Wish you the best, 
Chao --- Your friend from Vermillion, SD


Hi Mark, Just wanted to thank you again for selling me the Chevy Cobalt you picked up in Sioux City.  Both my fiancee and I have put quite a few miles on it and we're both very happy with it.  Will look you up again next time we need a car.
Yours, Ryan Loeslie - Merna, Nebraska

Mark - just wanted to send out a TREMENDOUS THANK YOU! You are absolutely the 1st place I will go for our next used car purchase! My son is super excited about his 08 Impala and I know we wouldn't have this quality of a car with the price you gave us anywhere else. YOU ROCK! Thanks again for the easy process and awesome deal. Sarah Surber, Laurel NE


Mark, We would like to thank you for the Yukon Denali.  My husband and I have watched your site for probably six months if not more.   Finally, we decided to give you a call and we drove  about 2 hours to come look at the vehicle.  When we arrived you were very pleasant to talk to and you didn’t harass us one bit into buying the Yukon.  That was awesome! You sold us a great vehicle at a great price.  Your honesty is greatly appreciated.  We will definitely come back.  Thanks for the great experience! 


The Jordan Family

Omaha, NE


My Yukon arrived in Sauk Rapids, MN by Semi last Friday at 9PM.  I couldn’t be happier with the vehicle.  In fact, my friends, and family can’t believe how good of deal I got from you.  I have never bought a vehicle without test driving, but this has been a great experience, and I will be buying from you again.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for any MN customers.

 Thanks again,

Jared Crimando - Sauk Rapids, MN




Hey Mark thank you very much for what you did for me and my family you just don’t know how much we appreciate it you made us feel like wow still in shock.

Your attitude was awesome your very respectful  I give a 100% on your ways. If I ever buy another car or if I know if someone is looking for a car truck etc.i would send them your way

I know you would treat them the same way you treated me .

Your more than just a car dealer you’re a awesome guy it felt like I knew you for a long time like a friend  I was so comfortable going over and looking at your cars ,from all of the car lots that I’ve been to you’re the only lot that I got treated with respect.

Again thank you and I will be back to purchase a few more cars


From the Ortega Family

Sioux city Iowa

Originally from los Angeles California  



We are very pleased with our purchase from you. The pick-up is beautiful and runs fantastic and thank you also for the car advice in general. Your business fills a much needed niche for people like my husband and I who want to own nice vehicles but do not believe in taking out huge loans to do so. Good Job! You can bet we will do business with you again!!

Mike and Sara Price - Sioux City, IA


"The most friendly family oriented business ever experienced, great car, thanks."

Via eBay on $3500 Cadillac purchase to Fort Calhoun, Nebraska


Best experience I've ever had at a car lot. Excellent customer service! Made me feel comfortable and confident that this was the right place for me. I would recommend anyone here if there looking for a reliable vehicle at very low prices. My family and I will def be coming back to Highway 9 for our next vehicle. Thanks a lot.

Dan Wenzel - Sioux City, IA


Hi Mark. Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was doing business with you on the truck I bought. I am extremely happy with the whole transaction. I will refer you to everyone I know. Glad to see your son had a use for my old suv! lol

Ryan Wilmes - Moville, IA


Mark, I had the best experience of my life buying a vehicle from you. You are the most honest person and a great guy. I received a great car at a very great price. I will come to you for all my auto needs and I will send all my friends and family to you first.
Benjamin M Schenck
Wayne, Nebraska


Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thank you again for my awesome car! I absolutely love it and its perfect! I am so glad I stopped that day to look around, you are a great guy and I recommend you to everyone!

Thank you!
Crystal Hahn - Emerson, NE

I had a great experience ,for the first time buying a car from a car lot,when I purchased my 2001 chrystler sebring from highway 9 auto sales almost a year ago and have had no problems what so ever with the car,the car was exactly as mark described it a great car,well I had a misfortune on sunday,I wrecked my car and I deliver the news paper every day so I sent mark an email and asked him if he could help me out and find a car I could afford,as I only had limited funds and within the hour he had emailed me back with pictures of a couple of cars he had just got and had not posted yet or even cleaned or even had a chance to go through the cars, and mark spends alot of time on detailing his cars if givin the time to do so as the chrystler was spotless when I purchased it. After recieving his email I let him know how much money i had and he even said he would carry me on 150.00  if I couldnt come up with it witch I thought was great so I looked arround on craigs list and sent a few emails out and only got one response back out of three as I was trying to find the best deal I could get and also I was stuck 30 miles from sioux city in kingsley with no wheels at all after time went buy and it was getting to the point of delivering the paper on foot I let mark know I could not get there till monday around supper time and he said that would be fine ,so still not hearing from any of the other ones I emailed I arranged to get a ride and go see what mark had in ponca and when I got there he treated me the same if not better than before gave me three choices, drove two and wasnt able to drive the third one as it had not come back from the repair shop where he was trying to get an air condition charge put in it before i got there ,well that didnt work out so I ended up buying one of the other ones I had test drove and he did even drop the price to where I didnt have to owe anything. I have been driving it 3 days so far and seems to be working fine. I just wanted mark and every one else know how much his getting right back to me and working with me in time of need really means to me  thanks so much, and I feel I now  have a great friend in the car business and I would and will recomend anyone I know looking for a vehicile to give mark a shout at highway 9 auto sales in ponca,I belive him to be fair and honest! and will be back when need another car thanks  again 

Bill Fletcher - Kingsley, Iowa


Just wanted to say thanks for a great "car-buying" experience. Paul's car broke down unexpectedly and we only had a little cash to replace it with. The Chevy Beretta was exactly what we needed at a price would could aford. I brought extra cash expecting to pay some sort of extra fees and still find it hard to believe that the price listed on the website was the exact price we paid and not a penny more. I would not hesitate to refer everyone I know to you when they are in need of a car and you will be our first call when we are looking for our next vehicle. Thanks!

Paul and Mariah Fustos - Sioux City, IA6-26-13

Comments : Hi Mark I just wanted to say Thanks for the great deal on the 2001 Silverado pickup I am loving it and is is better than could have been expected I am refering anyone looking for a deal on a great used vehicle.. I like to think of you more as a friend than a salesman .. Thanks again
Steven Tuttle, Yankton SD

The car is GREAT. I love it. Thank you so much for giving me such a good deal. You made my day!!!!  It is so nice to have a reliable car again. I feel like you really took care of me. I know its business, but its so much more to me. God Bless.
Carol Keilty,  Wayne NE

Thank You AGAIN, for getting us the right car for our daughter (This Time). We bought a car from you last year for our sixteen year old son. When we needed another car for another teenage child we knew exactly who to contact. Both cars are working out great. Great Cars! Great Prices! and Great Salesman! Could not be happier with Highway 9 Auto Sales!

Brian Howe - Sioux City, IA


Thank you for the amazing car! It runs like a dream and is super sweet!! I've had no problems with it, I took it to Creighton Friday then to Orchard Saturday not a single problem!!

Katie Pallas - Laurel, Nebraska


The car was better than described. Super honest seller. Couldn't be happier.

I just want to say that the car is fantastic. We can't thank you enough. You were spot on.

George Altamura - Napa, California - Bought $11,000 Car on eBay


Thank you so much for taking so much time in showing us the vehicles and explaining in detail about each one. I know we have only owned it for a few hours, but feel it is a great vehicle. Again, thank you for taking so much time, I know we were a little fussy, but you found the right vehicle for us.

Terry and Cheryle Nelson - Ponca, NE


First time in Ponca, NE  for a 2007 Camry!!!!!!!!!!

I spent 4 years at Creighton university as a postgrad student and my buddy from a small town always told me that “In the country, we call it as it is”. Well, Mark symbolizes those values. I drove for 2 hours from Omaha to pick up a car, got lost 3 times because of construction, but after the deal was done, it was all worth it. Mark and his brother (note from Mark - this is actually my banker from Ponca, Chris) made sure everything was ready by the time I got there and it was EXACTLY as they said over the phone. I could write an entire dissertation about my experience, but I would just say this: As an immigrant to this country, I can say that  I have met nice folks from Rural Nebraska whom you want to do business with. Thank you very much and wish you the best.

John Etaka, Omaha, NE (via orig. Cameroon)


We bought 4 vehicles within 1 week.  We are so pleased with the quality of service and vehicles are great.  We will be repeat customers!
2002 Jeep Liberty, 1996 Honda Accord, 2003 Dodge Dakota, 2002 Mazda 626
Bob, Lisa, Emily, Robert and Alicia Tejral -Crofton, Nebraska

Thank you Mark for the blessing. Last night I tried to get Jeep Cherokee but called 10 mins to late. I started to cry and pray to God because I was frustrated with not finding a vehicle suitable for my family and I. Now I am able to finish clinicals without worrying that my mom does not have a ride. You have helped me to get 2 steps closer to my goal. Peace Love and Blessings to you and your family.
Shanqua Finney - Sioux City, IA and Rural Georgia

I want to thank Mark at Highway 9 Auto Sales  in Ponca Neb. Mark was so kind to me.   I had so many questions about the 04 Black Ford Escape that he had on craigslist. The pictures were beautiful.   Well, I took it home and just love it.   Thank you so much Mark.
Sergeant Bluff, IA

Nice guy. Pleasure to do business with.
eBay Buyer- Rural Arkansas - $3600 Purchase sight unseen


We are so glad that we made the almost 3-hour trip to your dealership outside of Ponca, NE. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience of purchasing a "new" car from you for our daughter. It is a great vehicle! We will be sure to recommend "Highway 9 Auto Sales" to our friends and family. Thanks! Wes & Ann Schwader, Burke, SD


I recently purchased a vehicle from Mark, it was priced very well, he stayed open late since I had to travel so far and it was great doing business with him! I would recommend anyone looking for a gently used vehicle to contact him as soon as possible! It was really worth the drive. Thank you again Mark, it was great doing business with you! Robin D.
Robin - Hot Springs, South Dakota


Mark, it was nice meeting you, and the Jeep is working out great.  Good luck to you.  Will keep you in mind for any used vehicles. 

Cary - Mitchell, SD

Just wanted to let everyone know what an awesome guy Mark is at Highway 9 Auto Sales...I purchased a vehicle in Aug 2012 from him and it turned out not to be so reliable...BUT after contacting Mark about the situation he was a stand up guy and made it right with me and my son...even though it was sold "as is" Mark went above and beyond the "normal" car dealership experience to make it a great one for us...thanks SO MUCH again Mark for what you did!!!

Laveille Reifenrath - Emerson, NE

I was recently back over Christmas and needing to find a replacement vehicle quickly to replace one with a blown engine. After seeing Mark's post on craigslist I made a call and within a 5 hr period (most of which was spent driving to Ponca) I found a wonderful used vehicle at an outstanding price. Mark was extremely friendly and helpful. Mark quickly got me the title for the vehicle sent to my home in Colorado. I was extremely pleased with my experience working with Mark and wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone looking for a used car to him. Thanks again Mark!
Sioux Falls & Denver, Colorado

12-23-2012 (drove here from ALABAMA!)
Gracias por la transaccion reciente de la venta de su Carro, 2003 Mercury Gran Marquis, fue una excelente compra para mi y les recomiendo a todos los hispanos, y en general que compren con Mark Charlson su proximo vehiculo, tiene muy buenos precios y buen trato.
Dios les bendiga y Adelante.

Atentamente: Pastor Jose Luis Lua desde Alabama..
Le doy 5 estrellas en todo.

Thanks for the recent transaction of the sale of his car, 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis, was an excellent purchase for me and I recommend to all Hispanics, and in general with Mark Charlson buy your next vehicle, has very good prices and good treatment . God bless and Go.

Sincerely: Pastor Jose Luis Lua from Alabama ..
I give it 5 stars in all


Mark, Thanks for the great deal on the truck! I really missed having my hunting vehicle and Angela appreciates that me and the boys won’t be needing her vehicle for our adventures any longer. I really appreciate that you provided an honest assessment of the vehicles that we were looking at and that both of them were exactly what you described over the phone.

 Then I went to the County Treasurer last week to pay the taxes and license the 2006 F150 that I bought from you and the treasurer was disputing what I paid for it. Even with the bill of sale she questioned me. She asked how you could sell so cheap and if it was salvaged. I told her it was not a salvage and to call you if she had any questions on pricing. She reluctantly proceeded with giving me my plates and registration, but warned me that the State of South Dakota might send me a letter requesting more in taxes.

Be careful, because you might end up giving used car salesmen a GOOD name!

Lester Roggenbauer 
Elk Point, SD

Thanks for a great experience yesterday. We made it home to Blue Hill with absolutely no problem in an awesome car.
We were so pleased to find the car we bought just as posted on Craigs List. Thank you so much for holding the car with our deposit.
We would highly recommend you to any of our friends and will absolutely keep you in mind the next time we are looking for a car.
Merry Christmas!
Jamie and Teresa Hodson


Wanted to send you a thank you for helping me get a great van. My kids love the DVD player and the power doors... it is in great shape just like you listed. I know I will keep your card for our next vehicle... it's a long drive but you get what you are looking for.

Whitney Cline
Leon, Iowa
(about 5 hours from our dealership)


Paul and Ruth Ploof - Ashland Nebraska



Mark i just wanted to thank you for having exactly what i was looking for at a great price. It was well worth the drive from Lincoln and we will be doing business again. You're a great guy and my daughter turns 16 next summer so ill be calling you in June.
Shawn Wilson - Lincoln, NE


Simple, Painless, and a real class act. That is how i would describe my dealings with you and Highway 9 Auto Sales. It is very refreshing working with someone who seems to take pride in what they do.
Trevor has enjoyed his car very much. Just wanted to send you a note thanking you and I WILL BUY AGAIN FROM YOU! I will also tell everyone I know to at least look over your inventory before going elswhere.
Thanks again

Jeff Carnahan
Sgt. Bluff IA


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with the vehicle. We drove up from Omaha and found the vehicle to be exactly how you represented it on the website and in our phone call. It was definately worth the trip.

Jerry Smolinski - Omaha, NE

Hi Mark,
Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Cora's car! We can't thank you enough for working directly with our 17-year-old daughter and making sure she was comfortable and confident before she handed you her own hard-earned cash. Thanks for finding the right vehicle for her needs, and for being so open and honest with us. Our trip down from SW Minnesota was definitely worth it! We will be in contact the next time we need a vehicle!
Mark, Beth, & Cora
Hardwick, MN


My brother bought a Camry from Mark and was very happy with his car buying experience. He told Mark that if the car was what he told him he would take the car... he drove to Ponca and bought the car and was very pleased with the car for the price he paid.

I was quite impressed with that and checked Mark's website and saw a car we were looking for for our son. I called Mark and he told me everything about the car, good or bad. We drove 6 1/2 hours from central MN and the car was exactly as Mark said it was...we bought the car :) (it was a 1999 Toyota Avalon).

Mark and Melanie are very easy to visit with and they will treat you more than fair.

We will be looking for a car ourselves soon and will be giving Mark a call!!

Thanks Mark and Melanie!
Milaca MN


Thank you very much man, you were awesome to work with.

Garrett - Ponca, NE


Mark,Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! You made the car buying experience great! No doubt when we are in the market again we know where we are going. Got a great deal today and have no doubts that we will again when we come back.


fantastic...Mark was super honest/helpful..definitely one of the good guys...
(Via eBay on 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo that we sold on eBay and shipped to Chicago)


Dear Mark, I bought a 2007 Chevy Cobalt from you and it ran great and got great gas mileage.  I would definitely buy another! 

Jason Loecker - Crofton, Nebraska


...For my first time buying a car from a car lot, I would have to say that it was a great atmosphere , I thought you were telling me the truth and honesty means alot to me, and the car spoke for itself, was very clean and a fair price. I called about the car in the late after noon and he responded to my call quickly wich was nice and when I said I was coming he said he would hold it for me till I got there wich was cool since I lived in Kingsley Ia. so I will recomend any one I know looking for a vehicle to check out Highway  9 auto sales  in Ponca Nebraska.

Thanks A LOT
Bill Fletcher, Kingsley IA


You did a fantastic job in making Brylie's 1st car a special experience. ...I am thankful we came to you for a car.  You made it easier to purchase a vehicle and not walk away feeling skeptical.  We have been telling everyone about you....again thank you for taking care her, she loves her car!

Julie from Sergeant Bluff, IA 



I just wanted to Thank you again for your help.  My experience with you and your buisness couldn't have gone any smoother.  You made the whole process easy and relaxing.  This was only the 2nd car I have ever purchased and it felt like buying it from a family member.  You were honest and was nothing like the sale's man persona.  It was clear to see that you cared about my needs and not just getting me into a car. I will definitely buy more cars from you in the future.

Megan Barge - Wakefield, NE


 We just wanted to say thank you so much for our 1998 Buick Lesabre.
We really are enjoying this car and feel that we couldn't have gotten a better car or price.
After spending hours the day before looking elsewhere it was nice to find what we wanted for a great price.
Love the car. We will totally recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for a good vehicle.

Thanks again,
Vic and Jamie
Mission Hill, South Dakota


In June of this year, my brother Ryan and I packedwhat we could of our belongings into my '95 Achieva and prepared to driveacross the U.S. from our home in South Dakota to a new one on the west coast.We spent a week in Omaha, catching up with our younger brother, Andrew, and thenprepared to drive from there to California in one long, uninterrupted trip,switching turns in the driver's seat so that we could drive 1700 miles withoutstopping.

Two hours later we were stranded on the side of the road; at some point, theAchieva had started to hiss at us and billow hot air through the heater vent.Then it made a sound like a dog being kicked and stopped moving altogether.With nowhere to go and almost no money to get there, the two of us wound upspending the better part of the next day stuck in a cornfield town in centralNebraska, waiting for Andrew to come pick us up and take us back toOmaha. The town mechanics tried to explain to me what had happened. All I couldmake out was that something integral had melted, and that the engine hadbasically been reduced to slag. It's not important. What matters is that I wasstuck, and I was half-terrified that I wouldn't be able to scrounge up the money I'd need to buy a car that could make itto California. The mechanics gave me $100 to take the car for salvage. Back inOmaha, I contemplated buying a bus ticket while Ryan browsed Craigslist.

After several hours, the two of us noticed a pattern. Oneseller on Craigslist, Highway 9 Auto Sales, seemed like it was selling cars that were consistently better than the others in my price range. I called my dad, (thecar guy), and my stepdad, (the other car guy), and they agreed that everything about the cars looked solid and worth buying. We found one that looked like itwould serve us well for the trip, and I called Mark that day and spoke with himfor the first time.

From the get-go, Mark was willing to go out of his way to accomodate us. Theonly transport we had available was Andrew's truck, and he didn't get homefrom work until 8pm; Mark told us that he was willing to remain up until 11pmwhile we made the drive from Omaha to Ponca because he was confident that oncewe dropped by, we'd find a car we wanted to buy. I don't know much about carsand wanted to have my dad weigh in on the purchase; Mark was willing to talkwith him. Most importantly, I didn't want to deal with the normal bullshit thatI'm used to getting from used car dealers; Mark was, from the first phoneconversation, completely candid about everything that was wrong with any car thatwe discussed.

So we made the drive that night. I met Mark at his house off the backroads ofNebraska. When I got there, he showed us his lineup of cars. When one caught myeye and I told him so, he frowned thoughtfully and then told me that if I waslooking for a car that would make it out to California, he wouldn't put hismoney on that one; it would be good for in-state driving, but he wasn't sure itwould make a long, non-stop trip of a thousand miles or more. He pointed me toanother, slightly more expensive car (Aha!! The catch!!) which he thought would make the trip, and then promptly toldme he'd sell it to me for the same price he was willing to sell the first onefor. (Wait... what?? There was supposed to be a catch. What happened??)

Things went on like that for a few moments as he pointed out each of hisvehicles, catalogued their strengths and their weaknesses (and their prices,which did vary, though he was willing to work out a possible payment plan if Ichose one that was more expensive than what I had with me) and weighed in onwhether or not each one would be able to make the long trek across the country.It was actually unneeded; within five minutes I'd already decided on a Saturnthat he'd pointed out. When I told him so, he let me and Ryan take it fora drive. I bought it a half-hour later.

I'm writing this from California. The car made the trip, even loaded with luggage. Moreover, it's stillrunning wonderfully now that it's here. Mark explained in detail what I'd needto watch for on my car and, so far, I've had almost no problems with it that hedidn't anticipate and disclose to me up front. The few that I have had are thekind that he could not have known unless he'd taken the car for a cross-countrydrive himself.

When he explained his business model to me, it made sense; he's workedit so he gets first shot at cars that would otherwise go to auction. He vetsthem to make sure that they're top quality for their age, then sells them atlow prices, with the aim of maximizing his number of sales instead ofmaximizing the price on each one. In order to sell cars as rapidly as possible,he offers the two things that none of his competitors will give; completecandor and very low prices. And he can afford to do it because he knows thatthe cars he's selling are great. If he turns over as many cars as I think hedoes, it's a very, very successful approach to making money on used cars.

To finish, then, I'll be blunt; if my car breaks down at some point within thenext two or three years, I will purchase a ticket from California to Nebraskaso that I can deal with Mark again. I'm not being sentimental; I've done themath, and it's actually cheaper for me to fly to Nebraska, buy a car from him,and drive back to California than it would be for me to buy a comparable carfrom a used car dealer here in California. Do business with him, and you'll geta damn good car for as little as half the price you'd pay for it at any otherdealer.

Thanks again, Mark.

James Horton
August 16, 2012


We made it home! Thank you for selling us the pickup. It was an excellent buy and I'm sure it will do everything you said it would.  It was well worth the 4 hour drive. It's nice to know their are honest people out there like you and your family. 
Christy and Matt Ellis - Shelton, NE

Before making any decisions, I urge anyone looking for a good quality vehicle, at a great price, to visit Highway 9 Auto Sales. You wont be disappointed.

Thank you Mark and Melanie.

We love our truck and look forward to our next purchase.

Jim and Jake Hamilton
Grand Island NE

(Via Ebay on 2000 Toyota Landcruiser Bought and Shipped to Maryland) 

(he was an eBay member since 2005)

My name is Kayla Bruntz and recently I purchased a vehicle from Mark, Highway 9 Auto Sales.  I would like to acknowledge the business I received from Mark Charlson. As looking for a vehicle, a used vehicle can be overwhelming and a bit of headache. And based on my my not so well experiences, stressed me out all the more. My dilemma was short lived after just a short conversation with Mark  over the phone. There was just something that told me this experience would be like the others.  He made the whole process of purchasing a vehicle go smoothly. My instincts were right. Because my opinion has not changed merely only made me respect the man all the more. He went above and beyond exceeding all my expectations and MORE. He managed to give me a MORE than fair price, and also paid for an overheating issue with the vehicle AFTER the vehicle was paid for. Which in most cases a dealer absolutely does not have to go out of his way for. Because all used vehicles sales "Are as is". 

Thanks, Mark again!


Kayla - Sioux City, IA


I drove a hour and a half to see this truck and it was worth it. It was priced under market value, and was in great mechanical shape.

I will be doing business again. Thanks Mark, very happy with my purchase and your service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jason Tellinghuisen

                                                                                                                    Sioux Falls S.D.

Mark, we want to thank you and your family for taking time on Sunday afternoon, to get my widowed and not well, sister in a car without costing us the farm !! LOL !! We greatly appreciate your attention and compassion, your honesty and attentiveness. She is back in Norfolk and loving the car. We all can not say enough good about you !! Look forward to seeing you all again, even if no one needs a car !! God Bless!
Russ & Joyce Swanson Walthill, NE    Marilyn (Lynne) Ehlers - Norfolk NE

Hey Mark it's Austin Schmidt. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service and great overall experience. You made my first ever car purchase into a memorable and unforgettable one. I was beginning to become discouraged when dealership after dealership provided nothing but disappointment. I appreciate your friendly and honest salesmen ship. It honestly didn't feel like a car sale but instead three guys just talking about cars. I will recommend you to any friends that are looking for cars or are looking to sell cars.
Thanks again - Austin Schmidt - Dakota City, NE


Thank You Mark

 We were at are witts ends before we found your site you had several cars on the lot to choose from and you took the time to talk to us about each of the cars that we looked at and let us test drive each of them you told us about the good and bad about each car then you let us choose the one that best fit our needs.

Thank You

Jack Starks - Concord NE


Hey thanks a lot for your time, courtesy, patience, and the truck.
I've always been leery and screwed over when buying a vehicle. Not anymore! You've got a customer for life. It was a great ride back to Omaha! If there's anything I can do for you, let me know.

Jon Prokop

Wanted to thank you again, you went above and beyond on getting me a great vehicle at an unbelievable price, well worth the 220 miles to drive to you. Truck runs excellent, this beast got me over 18 mpg on the trip back. I know our next vehicle will definitely be from you, I have yet to find another honest, trustworthy dealer.
Dave Ruggiero. Huron, South Dakota

Highway 9 Auto Sales  is the BEST PLACE for purchasing used cars. We had one week to purchase a second car for our family. After visiting several lots in Omaha and test driving a few we resorted to Craig’s List . We came in contact with Mark Charlson with Highway 9 Auto Sales. The first car didn’t work for us but then Mark emailed us with a second choice. We drove to Ponca Nebraska which was a 2 hr drive for us but the results of that drive we were the proud owners of 2002 Ford Taurus in excellent condition.  We are very grateful for the customer service, honesty and hospitality. We will definitely refer Mark to all our friends and family. It was a pleasure doing business with Highway 9 Auto Sales.
Kevin & Julie Minino
Omaha, Nebraska


We started looking for cars and saw and drove lots of different ones.  By Gods will, we were given Highway 9's web site for a 2005 Ford Focus.  We e-mailed Mark that we were interested and he responded right away.  We even set up an appointment to see it on a Sunday.  What other car deal would do that??  Highway 9 did!!  My daughter and I drove to Ponca, (beautiful area) met with Mark, talked and test drove the car.  Being a single mom, and having no experience at buying a new car, Mark was very helpful and was very reassuring that he would not steer us wrong (no pun intended).  The car was in good shape and drove well.  We decided to purchase the car.  We drove home and made the arrangements to pick it up in Sioux City, which saved us time and gas.  He had his mechanic look at it again and found that that alternator could be changed and Mark did, no charge to us.  We are very pleased with the car and it drives and looks great.  My daughter is enjoying having the freedom and loves her first car!  I am grateful at the great service, great price, and have no doubt that we will call Mark again for future car purchases.  Thanks again for great service!

Lissa  - Sioux Center, IA


**** best seller I have met. Item was perfectly described, would buy again

(via eBay - customer drove here from Rochester, Minnesota and drove home a 1987 Toyota Motorhome)


Hi,Mark I just wanted to thanks you for the great deal on my car.It runs great and was just what I was looking for.I don't usually like to buy thru car dealers but you turned out to be more of a friend than a dealer.I really appreciate your honesty and giving me your best deal right off the bat without all of the normal wheeling and dealing you have to go thru with dealers.Coming to meet me at my location and the time that was convenient for me was also a big help for me.I will definitely recommend you to my family friends and co workers and will contact you on my next vehicle purchase.Thanks again for the great deal and being a friend.
Best Regards Paul.
Sioux City,Iowa


 I am so very pleased at the way the entire purchase experience went for me with you and your dealership . I was very skeptical about purchasing an older used vehicle as I've not made that type of purchase for a very long time , over 15 years I'd say if I had to guess.

       I was appreciative of the call back to me giving me the chance to purchase first after just speaking to me over the phone and receiving no $$upfront from me , allowing me the time to have a chance to get out 2 1/2 hrs away from home to see and test drive the vehicle.

    After arriving and seeing the vehicle and hearing it run , right away I was impressed and pleased with how accurate and exact the description of vehicle was , as was advertised. NO LIE IT RAN LIKE NEW!!! Needless to say my test drive was brief and the entire transaction took less than a half hour, not counting my drive time that is. But was well worth the drive considering the great deal I got on a very well taken care of and decent used truck.

     I would consider you again if I'm ever in need of a used vehicle again. And will recommend your service to anybody !!! Thanks again Mark for the great experience. And GREAT DEAL!!! 

      Sincerely John (from Omaha)
Honest home improvements



Hi Mark,
Thank you for working with me through some emails and phone calls to find a car for our granddaughter.  I felt like a pest at times but you hung right in there until we found the right car.  Our granddaughter lives in Des Moines and we met them half way to deliver the Olds Alero on Monday evening. I can't explain how excited she was over the car!  She loves it!!  She just graduated and is heading to college in the Fall and needed this transportation.  She's worked really hard to pay for it and we helped her with new tires, oil change, and a couple more keys.  So she is set and we hope that it runs a long time.  Thanks again for you knowledge and your honesty.  You have our endorsement and you'll be our choice next time we need a used car!
Jo Jones - Dakota Dunes, SD

6-15-2012 Via eBay
Good seller who backs up his vehicles with his word. Exceptionally helpful A++++.  Via Buyer from Chicago area who drove home a $1800 vehicle.


I just wanted to thank you for the VW Jetta that you sold me!  It is a beautiful car and everything you said it was going to be!  I want to thank you for your honesty and for always looking out for your customers!  I couldn't believe it when we had settled on a price over the phone and I showed up to buy the car and you told me you didn't have as much money in the car as you thought you would, so you gave me an extra $350 dollars off of what I considered an already great deal!  No car dealership ever does that for their customers....you are a great man of your word who cares more for the people buying the car than for the money you are making from it!  You are more into blessing others rather than trying to bless yourself...and that is what life is all about!  Thanks again and God Bless Mark! (Casey from rural Ponca, NE)


Our experience at Highway 9 was very pleasant and I couldn't have asked to be treated any better. The two hour drive for my new car was totally worth it.  Not only did I feel like I was treated as a new friend and respected, we got a smokin deal.  Would love to do business again in the future.  Thanks again.   (Mom and Son from Tripp, South Dakota)



 Mark, thank you for making the used car-buying experience delightful for our daughter and for making us feel so welcome and at ease while we selected her vehicle.  She absolutely LOVES the 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo that we purchased yesterday, and we were thrilled to find such an exceptional quality vehicle for such an AWESOME price!  You gave us excellent information regarding the car's history and vehicle maintenance information - without us asking you first!  We live 2 1/2 hours away from you, but the drive was absolutely worth it because we know that you give every vehicle your gold stamp of approval before selling it.  Thank you, again for such a great experience.  We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends who are looking for great used vehicles in the future!


Lisa Hardie

Mt. Vernon, SD


Mark- thank you for making my car buying experience so easy. I was nervous about buying my first car, but your honest and sincere approach made me feel at ease.  I love how you went beyond making a sale by inviting my family and me to enjoy your grill out, recommending some simple improvements to the car and your truthful assessment of the vehicle. 

Thanks again, Kate (who came down from Sioux Falls with her parents and who will be using the vehicle she bought for er first year of college this year).


Allisyn here!  I want to thank you so much for searching far and wide for weeks to find a great car in my price range for my daughter. She LOVES it!  We will be back!
Allisyn - Sioux City




Thank you for going out of your way to meet me in Sioux City, IA to pick up the 2001 Taurus for my daughter.  After putting on new brakes and some new tires its like a brand new car!  She is totally loving it!! Also thanks for checking in with us to make sure we made it home safely........ Thanks for everything!

Will keep you in mind when we need another used vehicle!

Take care,

Lenore (Central Minnesota)

P/S Jack was great too! =)  You should keep him!

Mark always handles each and every sale being up front, honest, and pricing quality used vehicles at a great price. I found my girlfriend's car of over two months now from Mark for the lowest price around and its been every bit of what I hoped for in a used car. I just purchased a 1989 Chevy truck from Mark at a great price and I must say I'm every bit as satisfied with it as the last purchase. I'll definitely be coming to Mark first when looking for a good vehicle. Thanks again Mark and keep up the great deals. Jamie Naughton  Norfolk, NE

5-10-2012 via eBay
Seemless transaction from 1500 miles away. I would definitely recommend. (Rancho Cucamonga, California buyer on a Lexus SUV- and yes, he drove it home!)

Being my first time buying a car, I have nothing but praise for Highway 9 Auto Sales. I had my extended family grilling me, trying to 'help' me by "watching out" for car dealers and their lack of honesty. I originally made an agreement with Mark to sell my vehicle in order to go buy another. After telling him what the car was and how far away it was, he not only offered me one of his cars as a trade, but to help look for another that wasn't even apart of his inventory. He knew I could get a better car than what I was looking at. Through patience, honesty and a 12+ hour day on my end, we finally came to an agreement, and I went with the car he offered me. The car was being worked on all day and Mark was their drilling the mechanics to hurry, but to not miss a detail. That's exactly what happened. It was near 10pm when all was said and done with the car and we were still able to meet and trade titles. He was straight up with me about the car, and their wasn't a detail missing in what he told me. Honesty isn't just the slogan here, it is the way he does business........
Thanks for all you've done. God Bless you.
John Anderson- Orange City, Iowa

Mark, thanks again for the Chevy Venture. It rides,drives and looks nice.Right price and loved doing business with you,even tho I couldn't get you to lower the price, lol. Will keep you name,number, and website handy. Thanks again well worth the 3 hour drive. Steve and Lisa Goodman Whittemore, Iowa

April 2012

Mark and Melanie,
First off, thank you both so much for the promptness and friendliness when I called to inquire about the 15 passenger van. I had called when you were in a meeting and you returned my call within minutes. My wife owns and operates a home daycare buisness in Pierre, SD and really needed an affordable van to transport the children to the park/Ymca etc. When you shop locally, you just cannot find what you are looking for at a reasonable price. You were honest, and informed me of everything over the phone so i was not shocked when I got there. When I pulled up to your buisness, the van was JUST as expected! I live 292 miles/ 5 hours away, so I was really needing an honest salesman to inform me about the van! When I did the paperwork, Melanie was excellent and very pleasant to work with. I can trust you and I appreciate everything since I live so far away and I WILL be back for my next automotive need!
I recommend your buisness to anyone! "No huss, no fuss, no bs......just honest us!"
Thanks again and PLEASE keep in touch!
Jerid and Jeanine Maskovich
Pierre, South DakotaHi Mark
I got the car (Sonata) home and I've gotta say, it has an amazing ride and drives fantastic!
I'm excited to show it to (my husband) and our sons.

Thanks for being a great guy to work with....it's refreshing to work with good people who are honest, open and who you can trust.

And, ps, your wife is great, as well.  :)


My experience with Mark was far from a dealership and exactly like a friendly person to person sale. Instead of haggling down over inflated prices Mark gives you the bottom line fair deal on good used vehicles. Even after the sale Mark has no problem with helping out on additional parts and services if your looking to improve your already excellent vehicle purchase. Thanks again Mark.

Via eBay 2-14-2012
Excellent ebay seller,great communition,nice vehicle,answers all questions

This Was Texted to me after we met them to deliver the van in Sioux City. They came from the Harlan, Iowa area, which is about 2 hours away.....

"Hi, this is Aamie, and I just wanted to tell you thank you and for the great deal.  I love my van and its running great! :)"

You see, everyone WINS at Highway 9 Auto Sales!!!