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​You will be hard pressed to find a dealership with a better reputation and here is why....

We are a 2nd Generation Family Business.... which means...  100% NO BS.  We are OLD SCHOOL in how we do business, and that's a GOOD THING!  We have the VERY HIGHEST standards of ethics and promise to do our best on every deal we make and we expect the same!!

We made a SIGNIFICANT investment intoCARFAX and we now provide a CARFAX on every vehicle we sell. 

We provide the DRIVE HOME GUARANTEE* on ANY car you buy from us regardless of price!!!  We have sent several inexpensive across the the country and GUARANTEE wherever you're from that you'll make it home safe!! Other than this promise, all cars are sold AS IS AND WITH NO WARRANTY.  We do NOT WARRANTY anything on our vehicles other than a safe drive home. Please don't ask us to cover repairs later on because it's rude to ask for it when you know it is AS IS.  Remember good business is a two way street....we are super nice just to make sure you don't get a lemon, but you got to be cool enough not to expect more than that. 

*Only included on cars that are sold for $5000 or more.  Anything under $5000 has no warranty of any kind once the car is paid for including mechanics reports/findings, check engine lights, or any other mechanical trouble of any kind. 

​We only sell GOOD CARS which we test drive 30 miles before selling them. We buy only LOCAL new car trade ins.  We care very much about the vehicle history, as it strongly leads towards a great experience, if it came from a good clean home.  

​We are a 100% DEBT FREE business which means when we buy a car, we own it, not the bank, and the last thing we want is a BAD CAR. 

​No bad business, which means NO SCRUBS.  We have a NO SCRUB policy.  We don't buy from scrubs, we don't associate with scrubs, and we don't sell to scrubs.  We only deal with nice people we like and trust and we PROMISE to treat you with respect!

​We are a VERY HIGH VOLUME and VERY HIGH quality business.  We average over 65 cars sold per month and expect all of them to be great experiences. 

​We are 100% TRANSPARENT in who we are, what the cars are, and how we do business.  We are 100% honest about the good and bad on every vehicle and you won't have to worry about what we hide, because we won't hide or omit anything that we wouldn't want to know ourselves.

​Even though our cars are better, our PRICES are about 20-50% less than everyone else on the average.  Just shop around.  There's a reason why we have over 35,000 hits per month on our website and why we sell cars as fast as we list them.   

NO DOCUMENTATION FEES.  We do charge 3% on credit card transactions in person and 4% over the phone because that's what we are charged.  Otherwise, there is NEVER an extra FEE added on!!

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